I paid just $199 for this WD easystore with 18TB of HDD storage for Black Friday — and you can too!

If you're looking to upgrade your network storage solution this Black Friday, you are most definitely in luck. Right now, Best Buy has an insane deal on an 18TB (yes, terabyte) external drive from Western Digital, roughly halving the price from $404 to just $199, while stocks last. That's 18GB of storage per dollar. $200 for 18 whole terabytes of storage is a deal too good to pass up!

18TB WD EasyStore External USB Drive|$404now $199 at Best Buy

18TB WD EasyStore External USB Drive| was $404 now $199 at Best Buy

This 18TB external drive makes backing up files on your PC super easy, and with a USB 3.0 cable, file transfer speeds should mean quick backups!

✅Perfect for: Computer and phone backups, storing photos and videos, movies, music, TV shows, and games. 

❌Avoid if: You need fast SSD storage, this enclosure ships with a spinning HDD, mostly good for backing up things.

There's more good news! This deal comes from Best Buy, one of the more trusted retailers with excellent customer support and an easy return process. You may even be able to get the drive in your hands faster with in-store pickup, which can take as little as two hours in some areas across the United States.

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It's just so much storage

The WD easystore. (Image credit: WD)

I don't even know what I'd fill 18TB worth of data with, but I know there are people out there who will fill it in a flash. 18 TB is 18,000 GB, or 1.8e+7 MB for those keeping track at home. It's just so much space, and it's best served as storage for backing up the data that's most important to you.

The WD easystore is an external USB drive, meaning it can be connected any device via a USB cable. On a Windows and Mac device, you can set it up as a backup location for data on your computer, and Windows/Mac will automatically back up to the NAS at whatever interval you've told it to.

This also works with smartphones, with the ability to backup your photos and videos to the drive for safe keeping. This is good practise, as you shouldn't rely entirely on third-party backup solutions like iCloud, OneDrive, or Google Photos to safely store your pictures. What happens if your account gets hacked? With a local drive, you can sleep peacefully knowing that no matter what, you'll always have those photos and videos on your own storage server.

The drive itself is an inoffensive looking drive that sits neatly on your desk. While not an easy process, you can even upgrade the drive on the inside to something else in the future if necessary, which is great. This is pretty much the best deal on storage we've found so far this Black Friday. 18TB of HDD storage in a neat enclosed drive. For $200. What more could you want?

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  • ChipBoundary
    First of all, that thing is not a NAS by any definition. NAS stands for "Network Attached Storage". This thing is an external hard drive. It does not have any network ports on it. It uses USB, which makes it very slow compared to an actual NAS. The only way to make it available on a network is to share from a computer or have a router with USB ports specifically for sharing external HDD's.

    The product listing doesn't call it a NAS, Western Digital doesn't call it that, the writer of the article made that up on their own.