My favorite controller of 2023 is the GameSir T4 Kaleid – and it's on sale

GameSir T4 Kaleid
(Image credit: Jennifer Young - Windows Central)

Prime Day is the perfect time to score some of the best deals on Windows, Xbox, and more, particularly the almost-perfectly reviewed GameSir T4 Kaleid. This controller combines a gorgeous retro design with a powerful performance. I was blown away by its features and the customizable RGB lighting, and it was already a steal at its original price of $41.99, but now you can get it for an incredible $33.59, a deal you don’t want to miss.

GameSir T4 Kaleid Controllerwas $41.99now $33.59 at Amazon

GameSir T4 Kaleid Controller was $41.99 now $33.59 at Amazon

Don’t let the clear design and customizable audio-reactive lights fool you. This controller is more than just a pretty gadget. It has features like motion control, magnetic joysticks, and micro-switch buttons that make it a joy to use

Pros: Mappable buttons, micro switch ABXY buttons, hall effect triggers and sticks, extensively customizable on the fly or via the app

Cons: Incompatible with Xbox restricts it to PC gaming or rival consoles.

I don't usually show much excitement over a wired controller, but this one is worth the fanfare.

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The controller has pure style with clear plastic showing the inner workings, black and gold PCB, and visible rumble motors. When it really comes to life, though, is when you plug it into your PC. The controller lights up with dazzling RGB effects, and there are hundreds of ways you can customize the lights with the app; it's a game in and of itself.

I wouldn't advise you to buy a controller purely on looks, though; this controller also feels great to use. The clicky ABXY buttons are mechanical, something I wish I could get on my Xbox controllers, and the triggers and joysticks are exquisite.

It's also super lightweight and very comfortable to use over long periods. You also have a handy Turbo mode feature which means no more button spamming when trying to generate resources in Diablo 4 (or is that just me). 

Why we like this deal

Looks beautiful in the dark (Image credit: Jennifer Young - Windows Central)

As you can see, I've already waxed lyrical about this controller, but what it really comes down to is the price. First and foremost, I look at value for money with controllers, whether that be a $30 controller or a $200 Elite beast.  This controller offers a lot of features and quality for its MSRP, not to mention its unique design.

And now that it’s on sale, it’s even more appealing. The only thing you might want to consider is the cable length, which is shorter than most wired controllers at 6 feet. This might be an issue if you want to use it with your Switch from your couch, but for PC gaming, it should be fine. Go forth and release the RGB!

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