One of Cyber Monday's biggest deals is a ridiculous discount on one of the biggest HDDs you could ever put in your PC

Whether you're working in the IT industry or playing PC games, there comes a time when you must upgrade your PC's hard drive so you can store more files. One of the finest examples of these is Seagate's Exos internal hard drive, which is capable of housing 20TB of data files and programs.

Unfortunately, this premium HDD commonly costs a fortune at most retailers. However, Newegg is here to chop that price down to a more affordable size with a gigantic 58% discount, reducing it from $699.99 to $289.99.

Seagate EXOS 20TB internal hard drive |$699.99now $289.99 at Newegg

Seagate EXOS 20TB internal hard drive | was $699.99 now $289.99 at Newegg

Upgrade your PC with a mountain of storage space with the Seagate EXOS 20TB internal hard drive. This HDD comes packed with 20TB and 7200 RPM with SATA 6Gb/s support.

✅Perfect for: IT workers or businesses looking for a robust, reliable HDD that stores a substantial amount of data. Or if you're a hardcore PC gamer who needs a large amount of space for their games collection and wants to pair with a high-quality SDD.

❌Avoid if: If you are on a budget and think 20TB is overkill for storing simple files like documents, photos, and music tracks.

💰Price check: $377.44 at Amazon

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Why you should buy the Seagate EXOS 20TB internal hard drive

Never run out of space on your PC again with the Seagate Exos 20TB Internal Hard Drive (Image credit: Windows Central)

When it comes to finding the best internal hard drives (HDD) for your PC, the ones produced by Seagate, are the most popular and considered a cut above the rest. The Seagate Exos is no exception as this premium-grade HDD is designed for extremely tough workloads and apps that demand a ton of data.

The Seagate Exos can store up to 20TB of data. It has decent reading/writing speeds of 7,200 RPM and can withstand a workload limit of 550TB per year. In addition, it features SATA 6Gb/s and 12Gb/s SAS interfaces that you switch between depending on an app's system requirements.

Also, the Seagate Exos is equipped with tight data security measures such as a Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) and SED-FIPS to safeguard your files.

With such cutting-edge specifications, this HDD is ideal for workplace desktop PCs used for businesses or IT organizations. It can provide substantial amounts of data storage to house mountains of work documents and help run software applications that are essential to a company's operations. 

The Seagate Exos can also be used for personal use to upgrade your PC's storage capacity and allow hundreds of files to be stored including video games, music, movies, and more. 

While it may seem overkill for most casual PC owners, hardcore PC gamers will get huge mileage out of the Seagate Exos if it's paired up with one of the best SSDs. Through this method, not only will the Seagate Exos grant plenty of space to install hundreds of the best PC games, but you will also be able to run them at high performances thanks to being complimented by high-quality SSDs.

The Seagate Exos 20TB Internal Hard Drive usually has an MSRP of $699.99. Thanks to Newegg's Cyber Monday deal, however, that price tag has dropped by a monumental 58% discount, to $289.99. That means you will be saving $410.00, which is an absolute steal.

So if you're a hardcore PC gamer or IT technician/admin looking to add more space to your computer, get in this deal as it won't get any cheaper than this.

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