Still don't have a 4K TV? With this TCL 50-inch on sale for Black Friday, you've got NO excuse

Not all 4K TVs are built the same. There are higher-end models with far more features, and also some that are built just to give a basic upgrade over older HD TVs. If you haven't bought a 4K TV yet, I'm willing to wager you're not in the market for something pricey with flashy tech, which means there's finally a deal you can't ignore. This 50-inch TCL 4K TV is just $238 at Walmart, meaning it's nearly half off its usual price. It's time to see what 4K picture quality can be while still staying at a price you can afford. 

TCL 50-inch Class 4-Series 4K TV |was $500now $238 at Walmart

TCL 50-inch Class 4-Series 4K TV | was $500 now $238 at Walmart

It's not the best 4K TV on the market, but thanks to this Black Friday sale, it's one of the most affordable. When you upgrade, you can expect far superior image quality to any HD TV, with four times the pixel count. 

✅Perfect for: Getting 4K image quality at an incredibly low price.
❌Avoid it if: You want higher-end features, like the ability to play games at 120 FPS.
💰Price check: $435 at Amazon

Why should you buy a TCL 4K TV?

TCL Class 4-series 4K TV 50-in black friday

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Let's be clear: This isn't the best 4K TV you can buy. I spend days and weeks looking at the latest TV models, determining what'll work best for someone playing video games, and this is thoroughly average at absolute best, lacking a lot of the best features like a 120hz refresh rate. With that in mind, it's also far more affordable than the best options out there, and that's even more true with this incredible Black Friday 2023 deal.

This is neither the TV I use nor do I need it. But if you're interested, then your use case is already different than mine! I'm interested in having the option of playing Xbox Series X|S games at 120 FPS, with better HDR quality. That's not something you'll find at this price, and that's okay. 

To get a TV better than this, you're going to have to spend hundreds of dollars more, and you can expect to pay even more than that if you want something truly premium, like an OLED display. So, do you just want to finally have a 4K TV that'll allow you to experience Ultra-HD Blu-Rays and modern video games at their intended resolution? Then you're not going to find a better offer than this, so jump on it before it goes out of stock!

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