ICYMI: July 12, 2014

A lot can happen in a week. New apps join the Windows Phone Store or Windows Store. Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella can release a memo to over 100,000 employees. Your favorite apps can get a big update with a new look or new features. Device rumors come and go. Seven days might not seem like much, but it can be an eternity in the tech news cycle. Which is why every week we're going to compile the biggest stories into one post – In Case You Missed It.

Windows Phone

Lumia 930

  • Nokia Lumia 930 unboxing and hands on! [Coverage]
  • Lumia Cyan and what it brings to Windows Phone 8.1 and the Lumia 930 [Coverage]
  • Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 reportedly nears completion by Microsoft [Coverage]
  • Microsoft allegedly working on two phones that offer 3D Touch [Coverage]
  • These are some great apps you'll only find on Windows Phone [Coverage]
  • Here's why the Lumia 1520 is still my favorite Windows Phone [Coverage]
  • Windows Phone BBM beta test program already filled up [Coverage]
  • Nokia CP-637 flip case for the Lumia Icon and Lumia 930 hands on [Coverage

Microsoft + Windows

Satya Nadella

  • New email from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella hints at future organizational changes [Coverage]
  • Nadella dodges questions about future Microsoft layoffs in new interviews [Coverage]
  • Gartner: PC, tablet and mobile phone shipments to go up 4.2 percent in 2014 [Coverage]
  • Patch Tuesday: Most Surface tablets now getting July firmware updates [Coverage]


  • Microsoft releases Video Tuner to mix your movies on Windows Phone 8.1 [Coverage]
  • Official BBC iPlayer Radio app now finally available for Windows Phone [Coverage / Download now]
  • Readiy, a no frills Feedly client for Windows 8 [Coverage / Download now (opens in new tab)]
  • SongArc 3.0 released with Xbox Music search, five difficulty levels and more [Coverage]
  • Exclusive Windows Phone app SNAPCAM allows you to easily create photobooks [Coverage]
  • Official Twitter app updated with multi-photo upload and other cool features [Coverage]
  • Subway Surfers Paris update is now live with the highly anticipated 512MB RAM support [Coverage]
  • Nextgen Reader reader now faster and universal, major update now available [Coverage]
  • FitnessCompanion is a swanky looking exercise app with some brains [Coverage]
  • Files&Folders Pro heads to Windows Phone to become another universal app [Coverage]



  • Xbox One July update rolling out in the next few days with Achievements Snap mode [Coverage]
  • Xbox One can now support unlocking of full games from free demos [Coverage]
  • Destiny beta test begins July 23 for Xbox One and Xbox 360 [Coverage]


  • You still have time to win a new Windows Phone in our Hidden Gems contest! [Coverage]
  • What is your favorite Twitter app for Windows Phone? [Coverage]

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