ICYMI: July 19, 2014

A lot can happen in a week. New apps join the Windows Phone Store or Windows Store. Your favorite apps can get a big update with a new look or new features. Device rumors come and go. Seven days might not seem like much, but it can be an eternity in the tech news cycle. Every week we're going to compile the biggest stories into one post, so you never fall behind – In Case You Missed It.

Windows Phone

Lumia 635

  • Microsoft quietly kills their 3D Touch Windows Phone codenamed 'McLaren' [Coverage]
  • Preview for Developers program temporarily halted as Microsoft looks to resolve issues [Coverage]
  • Lumia Cyan with Windows Phone 8.1 roll-out starts today! [Coverage]
  • Long awaited Lock screen app for Windows Phone 8.1 almost ready for public beta [Coverage]
  • Cortana hitting the UK in 'less than two weeks' with China soon thereafter [Coverage]
  • T-Mobile Lumia 635 quick look and first impressions [Coverage]
  • We go hands-on with AT&T's Nokia Lumia 635 [Coverage]
  • BBM Beta goes live in Windows Phone Store for downloading [Coverage]
  • Microsoft: Over 12 million activations for Lumia 520 [Coverage]

Microsoft + Windows


  • Microsoft to cut 18,000 jobs in the next year [Coverage]
  • Microsoft's Operating Systems Group reportedly affected "immediately" by layoffs [Coverage]
  • Cortana rumored to cross the Threshold with home in Windows taskbar [Coverage]
  • All Office 365 users now have 1TB of free OneDrive storage space [Coverage]



  • Microsoft updates Nokia Camera with improvements from the beta [Coverage / Download]
  • Facebook Beta updated with Messenger support for separate app [Coverage / Download]
  • Sneak peek at Tweetium for Windows Phone 8.1 [Coverage]
  • myTube is getting a big update soon with a redesign, here's your hands-on [Coverage]
  • Xbox Music and Video updated for Windows Phone with fixes and speed improvements [Coverage / Download Music / Download Video]
  • Adidas miCoach train & run gets new Windows Phone 8.1 features in the latest update [Coverage / Download]
  • Nokia Creative Studio app updated to version 6.0 with new design and more [Coverage / Download]
  • Pocket client Pouch 3.0 is completely rewritten for Windows Phone 8.1 users [Coverage / Download]
  • Latest version of Reddit client ReddHub now available for Windows 8.1 [Coverage / Download (opens in new tab)]


Xbox Games


Xbox Logo

  • August update for Xbox One will bring 3D Blu-ray support, improved Activity Feed and more [Coverage]
  • Xbox One update 1408 preview starts rolling out with cool new features [Coverage]
  • Xbox One sales doubled for the month of June [Coverage]
  • Microsoft shutting down Xbox Entertainment Studios, cancels original programming [Coverage]


Lumia Cyan

  • How to recover your bricked Lumia with the Nokia Software Recovery Tool [Coverage]
  • Here is how to find out if Lumia Cyan is available for your phone [Coverage]

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Sam Sabri
  • + The Lumia 930 is selling well in the Netherlands :D
  • If most people in my country had that much money, I'm sure it would be selling well too!
  • ^Nobody's problem.
  • ^Who said that it was a problem? =)
  • Ignore that kind of people
  • Where are you from?
  • I will never pay such a money for over priced product!
  • Nice initiative. I'm addicted to looking at WPC app thou.
  • This is for those who haven't been hooked yet.. We'll get them soon though ;)
  • FTP Client apps are popping up finally. Haven't seen that reported.
    Started driving this one today, pretty nice, FTP, Cloud, and SD card support... http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=42380d5b-b735-4913-80f6-c78b85c18dc2
  • Sounds good. There is always room for more people in the family right. Go get em Sam. :)
  • I wish you guys did this in a video too, as it's entertaining. Pocketnow and CNET do, in a way that's fun to watch. You guys you to have Monday Briefing...
  • Not a bad idea. Will look into it.
  • Sweet! :D
  • Or you could just do in Podcasts like the folks at Android Central do...;)
  • Podcasts are long for many, like me, and I have little attention span. The pocketnow and cnet stuff are short, yet entertaining and catching up on news.
  • Define "many". Because I'm sure most people would like them back, judging by the last ones.
    Also, do you mean PocketNow's daily news with that idiot Rivera that still hasn't understood Microsoft didn't buy Nokia but only it's D&S division? No thanks.
    I rather have the podcasts Android Central-Style. Not to mention, they are better to bring in other people. I'd like to see a podcast with Phil from AC since he does have a Nokia 1020.
  • I never said I don't want the podcasts back, just I prefer shorter videos. And I like the daily news and weekly news from pocketnow and cnet. I like how they do it. Just because they have the wrong people to do it there, doesn't mean it shouldn't be done here. I could see Mark doing the Daily and Weekly News Video though, as he seems like he would. :)
  • It will be nice if you do this kind every week! I m so addicted that for every one hour I come online to check the website :) Nice work Sam.
  • Yeah I like getting all the latest info about WP & Microsoft Products
  • The subscribe to Mary Jo Foley's podcasts.
  • Did you know there's a WinBeta app? Compared to WPC though it's rubbish. I suggest they might like to update their app, inline with WPC I got a one word answer. Strange that a technology blog would have a crap app. Why bother? When you think how fast the WPS & WS is growing, you'd think they'd be bothered...
  • Perhaps the problem is that WP isn't growing as fast as you like to think. Sure it grows fast when the first point is zero, but it's not like the OS has taken the World by storm...
  • Not the best week in the land of Windows Phone, but not all is lost. There has been worse news.
  • It's more than just WP man...
  • If MS doesn't make a flagship to replace McLaren this holiday season, then we may see the end of Lumia (at least the high end)
  • The prophet speaks!
  • Lets build an ark and save the remaining lumias
  • Lets build an ark and save the remaining lumias
  • We just need new ones!!! Seriously, what are ATT 920 users going to upgrade to when their contracts expire soon? The 1520 is fine but really, who wants to have a 1yr old phone for two more years?
  • Agreed. My 920 contract is up this November. Hope they have something tempting and fresh, not the 1520 or 1020.
  • Even the comments come in twos.
  • My no 1 most used app wpcentral
  • +920
  • +1030
  • +920
  • +920
  • Most definitely, can't do without it.
  • You just gave me a great idea, to bad I'm not a programmer / coder. It would be great to have an app that gives you stats on how you've used your phone. Usage of each installed app/ native app, hourly/daily usage overview, average usage of the battery, average or totals of usage of your network / wifi in daily/weekly/monthly views.... so on and so forth
  • Just look at battery saver. If you use WPC a bit, it rises to the top. Mine has this app as no 2 behind phone.
  • +720
  • +520
  • +520
  • +925
  • Great idea!
  • Here's a great idea, bring Word Flow to Windows 8 for touch enabled tablets!!!
  • My favorite story of the week is "Lumia cyan update"
  • Can't wait anymore for the Lumia 1030 if the phone is coming trow fast pls. My htc 8X is a bit of lagg side.
  • Reset it then :P
  • I want the 1020 successor too!
  • The Nokia 1521. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • I'm afraid you'll probably be waiting a bit still...I would not expect it until the end of the year or early 2015...IF Microsoft doesn't cancel it, of course.
  • Picked my 930 up today my 920 had earned its rest
  • Very useful topic, thanks Sam
  • Love my 1520 but my screen cracked. How much is it to repair does anyone know if so plz reply thank you.
  • Visit the PALCO repair site. Nokia directs customers to them for repairs. I just sent my 1520 in for cracked screen. $200
  • That is the sole reason I have a back up brand new 1520 just waiting because mine had gotten scratched and I use my phone more than a person should. It is really an extension of me. Also Nilkin tempered glass will help big time, you can see right through it, you don't even know its there if phone is in a case. Only problem, cause of curved screen, the edge, all the way around does not make contact so you can see that part. However, it is so far to the periphery I don't even notice it. Besides, the Nilkin feels so much better than the original screen, stays way cleaner, oleophobic coating, its a fine trade off to me to have to see bit of edge that is beyond the actual visible screen anyway. I know longer worry about my screen and it stiffened it up so no more funny waves on screen while cleaning.
  • Nice one sam I would like to know about effects of jailbreak or advantages oli am curious please make article Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Get an android and go have fun over on Androidcentral. We Windows Phone guys have little time for such unnecessary shenanigans.
  • Well said Th3 I3LooD!
  • Nice work
    Hoping every status as eventful as this one.
  • Yea the WPC app is awesome and I don't regret spending money on it even though I could have gotten it for free. I use it every day multiple times to make sure I don't miss a single headline. @Sam great initiative man! You and Daniel make this team the best, read all your articles!
  • Pretty shitty week for Microsoft. Not an opinion, a fact.
  • this week was full of good and bad news one minute you're sad the second one you're happy :S best story: saying goodbye to android NOKIA X
  • Yep that was the best story, followed closely by Cyan rollout.
  • Off topic but any chance you guys can get back to doing podcasts again ? You could incorporate the ICYMI as your basic topic read off. I enjoy podcasts alot but I kno guys can be super busy.
  • Why don't to compile a list of marketing opportunities MS missed out on; like battery saver mode commercial Samsung is playing on tv instead of stood web videos. People are line up near power outlet weigh iPhones ave other androids....a person with a galaxy S5 goes to setting check her battery status and say oh I'm fine; it end by mentioning battery saving mode, "the next big thing is here"........ We've had this since WP 7. Another reason MS marketing team needs to go!
  • And a Update to the Dailymotion  app: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/dailymotion/e7fcb197-cc2e-e0...
  • News of the week - Cortana coming to UK in next 2 weeks.
  • Well cortana be released in Ireland the same tine as the UK??
  • Awesome summary guys! You rock!
  • I like the sales double for X Box One is advertised everywhere, but still falling short of the PS4. I do hope MS picks up their sales, I hate seeing all this negative news about them.
  • This week will be remembered for all those who lost their shit over McLaren being cancelled and who refuse to believe there won't be another flagship on the way in its place.
    A moment of silence...
  • ^ this +925 :D
  • Finally. Sometimes, I wake up and see that you have 10 new stories and I'm too lazy to read them all.
  • Me too. Reading is for suckas
  • Slow news day guys? Lol.... No news is good news ;)
  • Anyone else pissed about that 3D touch WP being supposedly cancelled? I honestly do not know which phone to look forward to now.... I've been with WP since launch and this is the crappiest news to date
  • I was at first depressed, maybe even pissed off... But now I'm eagerly awaiting the leak of a Lumia Surface Phone :D
  • Microsoft is painfully slow on updating softwares. I do not understand why its taking them so long to release the Lumia cyan update for everyone. Apple are very efficient and prompt in releasing updates. It is so frustrating to wait for the update especially when you have 1520 with you.
  • No it's not up to them. It's up to the carriers. MS can't do anything
  • Danny. I mean so far I do not understand why the update is made for 635 and 930, the followed by 925 and now there is a temporary halt. In Singapore only these models have got update. Why its not being made available across all the models? And as its over-the-air update, the carriers do not determine it, right ?????
  • A software roll out is more complicated then you think and is determined/affected by many factors, one of the 3 main reasons they do a phased update is geographic spread of certain devices, certain handsets passing stringent testing or certification first and then popularity and thus number of devices. You see if every single Windows Phone updates at the same time it would cause a massive bottle neck on the back end and maybe even cause some servers to crash... Which no one wants or can afford.
  • Nice coverage.... loving the L635 with 8.1
  • 3D touch was not going to be that big a deal, really.
    It would be a neat trick, but even glance has it's issues.
    3D Touch is a ways off for a phone. However, 3D keyboard for desktop and Tablets, that's where I want to see it.
    Bring that to the Surface Pro's. I also have iPhone people wanting to switch to WP Icon simply because
    of the Pictures and Videos I take.
    The quality is excellent. And after Cyan, will be even better. For anyone that is harping on switching to an iPhone or Android just because of 3D touch is stupid.
    WP is hands down the better phone over all. Even with some of it's cons. There aren't that many. More Apps flooding in, many getting massive updates.
    WP is here to stay, ignoring or deflecting that fact won't change it. And yes, best news is the death of Nokia X.
  • Whelp, I'm leaving the Lumia line now. I was going to hold off upgrading for the McLaren but since Verizon doesn't get any phones, I'm leaving for the ATIV SE. WHICH SHOLD BE INTEROPUNLOCKED IN A FEW DAYS.... Pretty upset about all the bad news week.
  • So if we have wp8.1 dev preview, even if it isn't a company device with bitlocker encryption, do we still have to reset to commercial factory (wp8) state in order to get Lumia cyan update? Pls inform because its definitely still unclear to me
  • No you don't, all you have to do is keep an eye on WPC and as soon as you see its available for your phone you can do the update, patients buddy, patients.
  • Thanks buddy
  • Went to a 7-Eleven tonight and was stuck using my iPod to try and get something. The guy behind the counter asked what kind of phone I had and why not use it, told him Windows 1020 he said to get a real phone.  He suggested Android. Now Android is in my sight but I am waiting to see what Windows does since I was looking to maybe get McLaren. But that comment that Windows Phone was not considered a good phone shocked me   Oh and did anyone else loose their BBM contacts? I now cannot click on my picture without crashing so I cannot share my Pin 
  • That's why people in Europe DON'T say they have a Windows Phone. We say we have a Nokia. Completely different reaction.
  • Dude seriously! Opinions are like butt holes! Everyone's got one :) people love to give their 2 cents on stuff they know absolutely nothing about so you should definitely try and avoid making sales (and life) decision's based on a random store attendents OPINION! Yes windows phone does not have the best mindshare but times are changing, I am witnessing more and more people buy and respect WP down here in South Africa. So when someone tunes me crap like that I just whip out my 1020 and show them the 41mp sensor and it blows their tiny minds... LOL :)
  • Pls plan and do well in the future, many people count on YOU.
  • Lawl
    That looks like it came from a fortune cookie with a typo.
  • Lol...
  • I am waiting for availability of Cortana in India
  • Same here...
  • Microsoft needs to inform customers about halted Cyan update and when a solution is to be expected
  • Why do I have to download an app of 20mb over wifi? Help pls
  • The app is pinned next to Fuse, Facebook, Twitter, 6sec, 6snap, and 6tag: will get there eventually.
  • If we don't get the McLaren at least bring the Lumia 930 on at&t, so they have one device to sell with wp8.1...