The best Microsoft 365 Personal deal is back: Get a year for $52 from HP

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HP's Back to School sale in August featured this price, but once that sale ended so did the bargain. Thanks to Labor Day, you have a second chance. Grab a year's subscription to Microsoft 365 Personal for just $51.99 through HP's online store. This would normally cost you $70 from Microsoft, and it's only down to $59 on Amazon. That's a nice discount that no one else ever seems to match.

Microsoft 365 Personal 12-month subscription $70 $51.99 at HP

Microsoft 365 Personal 12-month subscription $70 $51.99 at HP

A much better deal than Microsoft and even better than Amazon, which is usually where most of the best prices can be found for Microsoft 365. This price probably only lasts as long as HP's Labor Day sale, so act fast.

Personal is restricted to just one person. If you need a subscription that's valid for up to six people, you can also save on Microsoft 365 Family. Get 12 months for just $89.99 in the same HP sale. That's about $10 off what it normally goes for and matches deals we've seen at other retailers.

However, you should check out our roundup of the Best Microsoft 365 deals around because you can actually get a slightly better deal at Sam's Club. It has a 15 month subscription to the Family package for the same price. That's an extra three months for free essentially.

Keep in mind that whatever subscription you get, your plan will automatically renew when the time is up. Hopefully by the time the year passes you find another deal like this and can keep adding discounted subscriptions to your account, but either way you'll want to decide for yourself whether to keep it or cancel before that price comes back around. You can stop it at any time and keep the coverage you've paid for. 

The great thing about Microsoft 365 is that you can use it on a wide variety of platforms. Obviously it works great with Windows machines, but you can also use it on Mac or your mobile devices. Get Microsoft 365 apps on iOS or Android.

Your subscription gives you access to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and more. You'll also unlock 1TB of storage with OneDrive, which is great cloud storage that works on all your devices as well. 

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