My favorite Xbox headset that I can't personally use is currently having a big sale right now for Black Friday

Welcome, friends, to Black Friday 2023. What was once a day is now basically a week, or longer, of non-stop deals great for the holidays. Nab yourself, or a loved one, a great gift at reduced prices — and we're here to curate and advise on the best buys throughout. 

To that end, say hi to a personal favorite. The Turtle Beach Stealth Pro is currently enjoying a tidy $50 saving at various retailers, including Amazon. This is presently my favorite Xbox headset and sits at the top of our best Xbox headsets list for 2023. While it's not the headset I currently use as my daily driver (for reasons I'll explain below), this is absolutely the headset I would use if I didn't need one niche feature for game streaming and content creation. 

Turtle Beach Stealth Pro | $329.99 now $279.99 at Amazon

Turtle Beach Stealth Pro | was $329.99 now $279.99 at Amazon

The Turtle Beach Stealth Pro is stunning, immaculate, and as close to being perfect as realistically possible. This Xbox and PC wireless headset can also multi-channel sound with Bluetooth, has hot-swappable battery charging, and absolutely superb sound. And it's on sale, right, freakin', now. 

✅Perfect for: Those who want to elevate their sound experience on Xbox and PC, and for those who game across multiple devices. You can hook this up to two devices at once and mix sound inputs via Bluetooth, complete with active noise cancellation. 

❌Avoid if: You don't need bells and whistles of multi-device inputs and don't need hot-swappable batteries. 

💰Price check: $279.99 at Best Buy

🔍Our experience: Turtle Beach Stealth Pro review

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So why is the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro such a great headset?!

Stealth Pro Headset Review

(Image credit: Windows Central | Jez Corden)

So, why exactly don't I use the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro if it is so great? 

The reason is simple: it doesn't have SPDIF optical audio inputs. 99% of you won't care about this, but SPDIF optical audio allows me to inject audio directly from my TV while having the headset itself hooked up to my PC for streaming games on my YouTube channel. For that, I instead use my battered, aging Astro A50 (which by the way, is also on sale right now.) 

I could connect the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro to my TV via Bluetooth to get the same multi-device scenario I need, but my Samsung TV's Bluetooth signal just isn't very good. Cables are more reliable in that scenario. The Stealth Pro Bluetooth is excellent when connected to devices that have similarly excellent Bluetooth signals, though, like your modern smartphone likely has. But I digress. 

The reasons you should buy this headset are legion. This is simply the best Xbox and PC gaming headset on the market right now. In my Turtle Beach Stealth Pro review I outline in more detail exactly why I believe this, but I've tested dozens upon dozens of headsets over the years, particularly on the high-end. I'd choose this over the Astro A50 if I didn't need SPDIF, since the Stealth Pro has better sound overall, is more comfortable, and has a better microphone. It also has on-board ANC, which eliminates external sound incredibly well, making it a great option for music and travel use as well (and yes, you can detach the mic if you want to go fully mobile with Bluetooth.) 

I also prefer it personally over the similar SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro, which is the headset I use when I'm visiting my parents and I'm back in my old bedroom. The Nova Pro is superficially similar, with hot-swappable batteries, similar Bluetooth and USB sound mixing, and active noise cancellation. However, it's quite small. If you got a large head like me, the Stealth Pro I feel is a bit more generous on the ears, with thicker cushioning overall, with more reassuring build quality. The SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro (which I also reviewed) has an awesome digital audio controller with a retro pixel-style display, though, which is awesome. 

It can also mix two USB devices, meaning you don't have to swap cables around to play on multiple consoles or PCs. It is, however, not on sale this holiday season. The fact the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro comes in $50 cheaper with this deal makes it a no-brainer win in most scenarios, unless you were specifically looking for something on the high-end that can easily switch between two devices without alternating USB. The SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro sadly, is not on sale, though.  

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