The Corsair HS75 XB is slightly cheaper for Amazon Prime Day

Corsair Hs75 Xb Review
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There are dozens upon dozens of great Xbox wireless headsets out there, but thanks to Amazon Prime Day, you can score one of the best out there this week with a truly massive saving. Typically the Corsair HS75 XB is $149.99, but for Amazon Prime Day, it's $142.  That's not a massive savings, but any savings is better than none.

The Corsair HS75 XB is a no-frills wireless headset designed for Xbox. With direct-to-Xbox compatibility and a truly cavernous soundscape, the Corsair HS75 XB is the ideal headset to elevate your audio experience on any Xbox One, or Xbox Series X|S console. The only downside was that it was a bit pricier than your average Xbox wireless headset, but Prime Day helps that some. This might be one of the best Xbox headsets you can buy right now, in part due to this deal. 

Corsair HS75 XB | $149.99 $142 at Amazon

Corsair HS75 XB | $149.99 $142 at Amazon

The Corsair HS75 XB is a no-frills direct-to-Xbox wireless headset. Its over-ear design is airy and pleasant even across the longest sessions, but where it truly shines is in its powerful soundscape, which punches well above its weight with cinematic bass, accurate mids, and crisp highs. 

The Corsair HS75 XB was the first headset I've reviewed from Corsair, and one of the first the company has put out for Xbox in general. Considering it's an early effort from the company, I'd say that they pretty much nailed all of the important basics, with what amounts to one of the best mid-range options money can buy. 

What makes it mid-range is its RRP, which is $149.99, now $142 for Prime Day 2022. It's also a very basic headset with relatively minimal features. The side-tone monitoring on the mic isn't the best, for example, but it is incredibly clear, ensuring those on the other end can hear exactly what you have to say. Indeed, this is one headset that prioritizes audio above all else, with a sound profile that competes with far, far more expensive headsets at a much, much lower price. It looks great, sounds amazing, and will last you across marathon sessions owing to its 15-hour battery life. 

For those who don't need or want mountains of additional features like app controls, docking stations, Bluetooth integration and the like, thanks to this Amazon Prime Day deal, it's certainly possible that this headset is currently the best overall Xbox headset on the market. For $142, this headset is a tried-and-tested true absolute steal, and I cannot recommend it enough. 

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