Get the cheapest Xbox Series X deal directly from Microsoft with this one neat trick, bagging the console and Diablo 4 for only $390

Cyber Monday 2023
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Cyber Monday deals are here and it's the biggest season of the year for shopping, and the best time to make savings. Retailers are constantly switching around bundles to offer what the best value in gaming, especially on the Xbox Series X. But what if I told you that you could get one step ahead of all of the third-party retailers and game the system to get the best Xbox Series X bundle for only $390 directly from Microsoft?

No, it's not a trick, and it's not illegal. Right now Newegg have a killer deal on Xbox gift cards, which when loaded to your Microsoft account can get you the current best bundle on the Xbox Series X and Diablo 4 for only $390. Here's how you do it. 

Xbox $100 Gift Card | was $100 now $88 at Newegg

Get the absolute max value for your money by laying down $88 at Newegg for $100 Xbox Store credit. Great for BFCY2Z525 $100.BFCY2Z524
$60 for $54 with code BFCY2Z523
$50 for $45 with code BFCY2Z522


Xbox $100 Gift Card | was $100 now $88 at Newegg

Get the absolute max value for your money by laying down $88 at Newegg for $100 Xbox Store credit. Great for purchasing games on Xbox, subscription services or just treating yourself at the Microsoft store. You'll need to use code BFCY2Z525 to get this discount off $100. For other denominations here are the codes:

$70 for $63 with code BFCY2Z524
$60 for $54 with code BFCY2Z523
$50 for $45 with code BFCY2Z522

How to spend a digital Xbox gift card

Currently, the Microsoft Store has two great Xbox Series X bundles on sale

Don't worry, I've done the math for you. To get the price of $390, you'll need to purchase the following cards from Newegg at the link above and follow these steps.

1. Purchase 3 x $100 gift cards for $88 each, this gets you $300
2. Purchase 2 x $70 gift cards for $63 each, this gets you $140

That means you will have spent $390 in total for the value of $440, and you can now go and redeem your vouchers at the Microsoft Redeem page, adding credit to your account which you can then use to purchase the already discounted bundles. If you don't already have a Microsoft account, you'll be prompted to make one.

Note that the above is simply an example of how to combine the voucher deals to spend exactly what you need, but there is nothing stopping you from simply purchasing 4 x $100 cards and keeping the excess credit to spend towards another game or accessory in the Microsoft Store. I wrote a whole deal on how to game the gift card sales for Cyber Monday here, and you will see options for similar at Target.

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What else can I buy with this gift card? 

Xbox Series X|S Controllers

Gift Cards 10% off at Target for Black Friday (Image credit: Windows Central)

To get even more value from your card, check out what the Xbox store already has on sale and double up on the savings like we've advised with the console here. We also have a huge list of the Best Xbox Games if you want inspiration on a new title. However, if you've already got an Xbox Game Pass subscription you may just want to extend that rather than increase your ever-growing backlog.  

The Xbox store doesn't just stock Microsoft accessories; you can pick up items from Razer, Steelseries, and Corsair amongst many other brands. So you can even grab one of the best Xbox headsets, or best Xbox controllers.

Whatever you decide, act fast; as more people cotton onto to this work around, the gift cards may go out of stock!

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