Cyber Monday is your last chance for Xbox controller deals, and the best one has sold out at all but one retailer — time is running out!

Update Nov. 28 6am E.T. - All but one of the controller deals have now ended, but be sure to check out our tips on saving even more at the Microsoft Store while you can!

Cyber Monday Xbox controller deals are your last chance to grab that color you've been holding back on, at its lowest ever price. This weekend has seen the craziest prices I've ever known on a lot of these designs, and I've already purchased a couple myself which have now gone out of stock, which is why you need to go fast if that one you've been waiting for is still available. 

Xbox Wireless Controller Gold Shadow Special Edition| $69.99now $44.99 at Microsoft Store

Xbox Wireless Controller Gold Shadow Special Edition| was $69.99 now $44.99 at Microsoft Store

This controller looks as good in person as it does in the stock images, golden perfection. When it was in stock at Walmart at this price, it flew out of stock fast. You can still grab the discount at Microsoft, but you can shave off even more by purchasing an Xbox Gift Card from Newegg then using that to purchase anything in the Microsoft store. Scroll down for more info on getting $100 of Xbox store credit for only $88.

💰Price check: $49.99 at Best Buy

✅Perfect for: If you want a wireless controller compatible with a wide range of devices like Xbox, Windows PC, iOS and Android. With a share button for quick screenshots and the best ergonomic design in the business, there's a reason this controller is so beloved.

❌Avoid it if: You prefer a controller with pro features like back buttons or adjustable thumb sticks, in which case you can get the Xbox Wireless Controller Elite Series 2 at Verizon for $107.99

🔍Our experience: Xbox Series X|S controller review | The best Xbox controllers

👀More controllers for $45 at Walmart: Astral Purple Special Edition | Daystrike Camo Special Edition | Mineral Camo Special Edition | Arctic Camo Special Edition | Deep Pink | Electric Volt |  Shock Blue

Can I get my Xbox controller even cheaper with an Xbox gift card?

This controller is stunning, and it helps that the Xbox Wireless Controller is genuinely amazing. (Image credit: Jennifer Young - Windows Central)

Yes. Right now you can take advantage of gift card discounts, including a huge one at Newegg, to get your controller directly from Microsoft. You can even use the same trick to get an Xbox Series X and Diablo 4 for $390. Here's what you need to do:

Xbox $100 Gift Card | was $100 now $88 at Newegg

 BFCY2Z525 $100.BFCY2Z524


Xbox $100 Gift Card | was $100 now $88 at Newegg

Get the absolute max value for your money by laying down $88 at Newegg for $100 Xbox Store credit. Great for purchasing games on Xbox, subscription services or just treating yourself at the Microsoft store. You'll need to use code BFCY2Z525 to get this discount off $100. For other denominations here are the codes:

$70 for $63 with code BFCY2Z524
$60 for $54 with code BFCY2Z523
$50 for $45 with code BFCY2Z522

How to spend a digital Xbox gift card

So, in the example above, for the biggest discount you could purchase the $100 gift card for $88, and then use that to buy yourself TWO controllers and still have change leftover towards a game. Neat huh? Of course if you want to just take advantage of the already cheap offers at Walmart, you can go ahead and do that, and make the most of your Walmart Plus membership for the extra customer service perks. 


Is the Xbox controller the best controller I can get?

Simply put, at this price range the standard Xbox Series X|S controller is the absolute best you can get, and I can't help collecting them all. I normally wait for a sale like this one but as soon as I saw the Xbox Gold Shadow Edition I knew I had to have it; I paid full price and I'd do it again. I've also treated myself to the Astral Purple in the Cyber Monday sales. Xbox has mastered the art of special editions, crafting controllers that are as stunning on display as they are in action. In fact, I've compiled a countdown of the all-time best Xbox Special Edition controllers for your reading pleasure.

The Xbox Series X|S controller is a big step up from the old one, and the share button makes it simple to snap and share your awesome gaming moments with your friends. These controllers feature textured grips on the rear, triggers, and bumpers, making them more snug for long gaming sessions. We love this controller so much that it still tops our best Xbox controllers list.

These fresh-out-of-the-box colors won't be chilling in stock for long. The Gold Shadow, Storm Vapour, and Astral Purple are on the chopping block for the first time, and I've seen them fly out of stock at most online stores. Move swiftly, or risk missing out on adding these gems to your collection!

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