Amazon's Blockbuster Xbox Series X deal may have ended, but you can STILL save big on Microsoft's flagship console for a little while longer

Update November 28, 05:45 am E.T - This deal has now ended, but you can still get a discounted Xbox Series X at Best Buy which we've linked below. 

Xbox Series X + $50 Best Buy gift card | $549.99 now $449.99 at Best Buy ($399.99 for Best Buy Plus/Total members)

Xbox Series X + $50 Best Buy gift card | was $549.99 now $449.99 at Best Buy ($399.99 for Best Buy Plus/Total members)

The Xbox Series X needs no introduction. It's the most powerful and feature-packed current-gen console on the market, but it is mighty difficult to find on sale (especially by itself). Best Buy already has one of the lowest prices, but you can also score a free $50 Best Buy gift card to spend on games, accessories, and anything else. If you're a My Best Buy member, you can save an additional $50.

✅Perfect for: Those who want to play the latest and greatest Xbox games at their absolute best, with the best visual settings, resolutions, and framerates

❌Avoid if: You don't have a 4K TV or high refresh-rate display that can take advantage of the Xbox Series X, or you'd rather save money and still be able to play all the same games

💰Price check: $449 at Walmart

🔍Our experience: Xbox Series X review

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Cyber Monday 2023 is getting closer and closer to being done, but there's a few last-minute deals you shouldn't skip. This might be the biggest: Amazon was offering an Xbox Series X for $399 as long as you make sure to click the coupon at checkout. This offer can't be beat and there's no telling how long it'll stay in stock. If you're interested, you need to buy it right now. 


Why should you buy an Xbox Series X?

Games await. (Image credit: Jennifer Young - Windows Central)

The Xbox Series X is the big sibling compared to the smaller Xbox Series S. This more expensive console provides better graphical fidelity and higher framerates, pushing current-generation games beyond what the Xbox Series S is capable of. Games like Alan Wake 2 and Starfield look better and run smoother, simple as that.

Normally, that tradeoff is substantial, with the Xbox Series X being offered at $500 across retailers. This period of Black Friday to Cyber Monday brought some impressive discounts, where you could score an Xbox Series X with Diablo 4 and/or gift cards for around $449. But now, as the light grows dark — at least where I live, bear with me for the cinematic moment — Amazon has swooped in with a thunderous deal. 

While it technically still lists the Xbox Series X at $449, there's a coupon applied at checkout that brings the total price down by $49.01, meaning you can grab this console for under $400 (without having to be a member of some shopping subscription) for the first time ever. Technically, you can save even more money by getting an Xbox Series S 1TB model for $299, but if you care about seeing games look their best, this deal can't be passed up. 

In our review of the Xbox Series X, managing editor Jez Corden wrote that "The Xbox Series X is a spectacular console. Every aspect of it is dripping with the love of a massive team that clearly cared about every millimeter, every line of code that was poured into this monolithic whole."

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