WTF? The Xbox Series S is on sale for JUST $200 this Prime Day

Xbox Series S
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[Updated July 12 3.00 AM ET - this deal has now ended in both the U.S. and UK.]

At $300, the Xbox Series S already stands out as one of the best deals in gaming. This Prime Day, though, you can get a renewed one for only $200, which is $59 down from the usual cost of a refurbished system and a full $100 lower than the console's MSRP. Amazon's stock probably won't last long due to how amazing this deal is, so if you're looking to take advantage of it yourself, you'll need to act fast.

The Xbox Series S has gone on sale in the past, of course, but this is the lowest we've ever seen the console go for on an official retail site like Amazon. The fact these systems are refurbished does mean that they were used before, but purchases are backed by the Amazon Renewed Guarantee. This guarantee states that the consoles have been inspected, tested, and cleaned professionally before going back on the market, that they're in excellent condition, and that the controller each one comes with is "fully functional." If you do encounter issues, you can ask Amazon for a replacement or refund within 90 days of receipt.

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The Xbox Series S has stood tall as the most affordable way to get into current-gen gaming since its release in 2020, and this deal only makes that value proposition even sweeter. While it limits you to 1440p resolution while gaming (there is 4K upscaling and media streaming), doesn't feature a disc drive, and only has 512GB of SSD storage, its rock bottom price tag makes up for that tenfold.

We love the Xbox Series X here at Windows Central, but not everyone can afford to spend $500 on a gaming console. For folks on a budget, the Series S represents an amazing gateway to all the best Xbox games available in Microsoft's ecosystem, especially when you pair it with Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass subscription service. Like the Series X, it's powered by Xbox Velocity Architecture that drastically cuts down on load times, and also supports Quick Resume, a feature that allows you to switch between playing multiple games in seconds.

What if you already have an Xbox Series X, a PlayStation 5, or a high-end gaming PC, though? You wouldn't want to get a Series S as your main gaming system in that case, but you could use one as a secondary console in a different room. It's also a great machine to take with you during travel, as it's significantly smaller than desktop PC towers and other consoles, but also much more affordable than gaming laptops.

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