13 of the best Prime Day Xbox accessory deals are up for grabs now — Upgrade your gaming setup with my top picks

Amazon Prime Day ends today, July 17, at 11:59 p.m. P.T, so you still have time to grab some great deals on Xbox accessories. If you're on the East Coast, you have until 3 a.m. July 18 to grab some great Xbox deals on headsets, controllers, and more.

Some of the best deals aren't even at the main venue itself, but at competing retailers, all vying for your hard-earned cash. Major retailers like Best Buy, Newegg, Target, and Walmart usually have their own sales events before and during Amazon's Prime Day, which leads to some interesting price wars.

Prime Day 2024

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While many look to Prime Day for discounts on the Xbox consoles themselves, many of our readers already have an Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X, and are just looking for things to enhance their gaming experience. It's also a weird time right now, with three new pieces of Xbox hardware launching for Holiday 2024. Meaning you're either waiting for the new models, or even jucier Xbox console discounts when they launch.

While you can't upgrade an Xbox in the traditional sense as you can with a gaming PC, there are many items you can buy to upgrade your gaming experience, such as increasing your storage or getting a better controller than what comes as stock.

We've checked all the retailers to find the best Xbox deals available right now, and here are some accessories and add-ons that I know will improve your console experience.

🔥 Today's best deals 🔥

🎮 Controller deals 🎮

GameSir G7 SE | was $49.99now $35.99 at Amazon

GameSir G7 SE | was $49.99 now $35.99 at Amazon

Great for: Hall effect sticks so no worry of stick drift, and rear buttons that can be mapped to your preference.

❌ Avoid if: You prefer a wireless gamepad.

💰Price check: $44.94 at Walmart

🔍Our review: GameSir G7 SE review

Razer Kishi V2 Pro Mobile Gaming Controller | $149.99 now $54.99 at Woot (Android only)✅Great for: ❌Don't buy if:👀 How to enable Haptics for Xbox Cloud: 
💰Price check:

Razer Kishi V2 Pro Mobile Gaming Controller | was $149.99 now $54.99 at Woot (Android only)

✅Great for: An advanced controller experience for Xbox Cloud gaming on your mobile.

❌Don't buy if: You have large hands, in which case you may find the GameSir G8 Galileo more comfortable. It's $62.99 at Amazon.

👀 How to enable Haptics for Xbox Cloud: Razer help

💰Price check:
$87.99 at Amazon

GameSir G8 Galileo mobile controller |$99.99 now $59.84 at Amazon (add 5% discount before checkout)

✅Great for: ❌Don't buy if: 💰Price check:Our review:

GameSir G8 Galileo mobile controller | was $99.99 now $59.84 at Amazon (add 5% discount before checkout)

✅Great for:
Playing Xbox Cloud games on your phone with almost full size grips, and has hall-effect sticks for no stick drift.

❌Don't buy if: You have smaller hands, the above Razer Kishi may suit you better.

💰Price check: $87.99 at Amazon

🔍 Our review: GameSir G8 Galileo review

🎧Headset deals 🎧

HyperX CloudX Xbox Headset | $69.99 now $49.99 at Amazon 
Perfect for: Avoid it if:🔍Our review:💰Price check:

HyperX CloudX Xbox Headset | was $69.99 now $49.99 at Amazon

Perfect for: If you're looking for a decent headset at a good price without compromising too much on sound quality.

Avoid it if: If you want a wireless headset.

🔍Our review: HyperX CloudX: Still one of the best value headsets money can buy

💰Price check: $68.95 at Newegg 

Turtle Beach - Stealth 700 Gen 2 MAX Wireless Gaming Headset | $179.99 now $119.99 at Best Buy

 Perfect for:❌Avoid it if:Price check:🔍Our review:

Turtle Beach - Stealth 700 Gen 2 MAX Wireless Gaming Headset | was $179.99 now $119.99 at Best Buy

Perfect for: Multiplatform compatibility (this works with Xbox, PlayStation AND PC), great battery life and a snazzy blue and copper design

❌Avoid it if: You want a headset for recording audio, the mic recording quality isn't great for content creation, but its fine for party chat.

💰Price check: $119.99 at Amazon for the black option

🔍Our review: Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 MAX review

💾 Storage deals 💾

WD_BLACK C50 1TB Expansion Card for Xbox$149.99now $117.79 at Amazon

WD_BLACK C50 1TB Expansion Card for Xbox | was $149.99 now $117.79 at Amazon

✅Perfect for: Those who want to play Xbox Series X|S Optimized games, as this expansion card is functionally identical to your Xbox's internal storage. Just plug in and play.

❌Avoid if: You're just looking for mass storage or more space to play backward-compatible Xbox games, as this would be overkill for that.

🔍Our experience: WD_BLACK C50 Expansion Card for Xbox Series X|S review

💰Price check: $119.99 at Newegg

🤔Need less? 512GB was $82.99 now $63.99

WD_BLACK P10 Game Drive 4TB | was $114now $99.99 at Walmart

WD_BLACK P10 Game Drive 4TB | was $114 now $99.99 at Walmart

✅Perfect for: Backing up and storing Xbox game files 

❌Avoid it if: You want to run Xbox games from an external storage device (you'll need an SSD for that)

💰Price check: $134.99 at Best Buy

👀 Alternative deal: $108.99 at Amazon

🔍Our review: Western Digital P10 Game Drive review

🤔Why Walmart? Walmart offers in-store pick up and the benefit of a physical bricks and mortar store for returns.

Xbox Series X|S Seagate Storage Expansion Card (2TB)|$359.99 now $229.99 at Amazon 

Xbox Series X|S Seagate Storage Expansion Card (2TB)| was $359.99 now $229.99 at Amazon 

✅Perfect for: People who want to expand their storage capacity on Xbox Series X|S consoles, who perhaps don't want to repeatedly delete and re-download games frequently. 

❌Avoid if: You don't necessarily play a ton of games and are fine with downloading stuff on the fly. 

🔍Our review: Xbox Seagate Storage Expansion Card Review

🔍 Alternate deal: 1TB Seagate Storage Expansion Card | was $159.99 now $149.99 at Amazon

🕹️Accessory deals🕹️

KontrolFreek FPS Thumbstick extenders | $21.99 now $13.59 on Amazon
✅Perfect for:  

KontrolFreek FPS Thumbstick extenders | was $21.99 now $13.59 on Amazon

✅Perfect for:  You want some extra grip or extra height on your controller thumbsticks.

❌Avoid it if: You prefer the feel of the standard thumbsticks.

Alternative: basic thumbstick covers are $12.99

Master Chief Cable Guy |$24.99now $20.99 at Amazon

✅Perfect for:

Master Chief Cable Guy | was $24.99 now $20.99 at Amazon

✅Perfect for:
Holding your Xbox controller, mobile phone or TV remote. Comes with cables for charging your devices.

❌Avoid if: You want something a little more understated for holding and charging your controller, like the Razer Quickcharge Dock.

💰Price check: $49.99 at Best Buy

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (3-months) | $49.99 now $31.99 at CDKeys

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (3-months) | was $49.99 now $31.99 at CDKeys

✅Perfect for: Those who want to have access to a wide variety of games across Xbox, Windows PC, and the cloud but don't want to pay $20 a month.

❌Avoid if: You only play one or two online games, as you can still save even more money with standard Xbox Game Pass Core (or the upcoming Standard option).

💰Price check: $49.99 at Best Buy

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K | was $49.99 now $24.99 at Amazon

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K | was $49.99 now $24.99 at Amazon

4k MAX version $34.99

✅ Perfect for: Streaming Xbox games from the cloud! An unexpected Xbox accessory for playing your games when abroad or at a friends.

❌Avoid it if: You prefer experiencing entertainment media offline via physical media without being tied down by apps or internet connections.

Xbox console wraps | $44.99 now $22.50 at Microsoft

🚀 Starfield version | $49.99 now $39.99

✅Perfect for: 

❌Avoid it if: Dbrand

Xbox console wraps | was $44.99 now $22.50 at Microsoft

🚀 Starfield version |
was $49.99 now $39.99

✅Perfect for:
Customizing and protecting your Xbox console from scrapes with a soft touch, velcro closing casing that doesn't use adhesive.

❌Avoid it if:
You don't like the designs; there are only 3 available, and sites like Dbrand have much more variety if you don't mind using adhesive skins.

Is this thing compatible with Xbox?

Xbox Series X looks like a new console in the Starfield wrap (Image credit: Windows Central)

One thing many get caught up with in the sales frenzy is that not all gaming accessories are compatible with Xbox. Turtle Beach, for example, has a massive range of amazing and budget-friendly headsets that are regularly on sale, but some colors aren't compatible with Xbox. GameSir are also notorious for advertising Xbox 'layout' controllers that aren't compatible with Xbox at all, and this tends to happen because of Xbox's unique wireless technology and the recent clamp down on third-party unlicensed accessories.

Playstation consoles use Bluetooth as their standard wireless connectivity, which results in a broader spectrum of deals and accessory options. Third parties often offer many more deals on PlayStation console accessories.

The key takeaway? Always double-check an accessory's compatibility before hitting that purchase button. Don't be lured by phrases like "Xbox layout"—they don't always translate to actual Xbox compatibility. Look for the 'Designed for Xbox' sticker. It doesn't always appear on compatible items, but if it does, you know that Microsoft has approved it.

Better yet, keep a close eye on our Xbox deals page here as we won't recommend anything that doesn't work with your Xbox. 

Prime Day 2024 dates and frequently asked questions

Amazon Prime Day 2024 banner

Amazon confirmed Prime Day 2024 for July 16 and 17. (Image credit: Amazon)

The annual two-day Prime Day event is hosted by Amazon in the United States, United Kingdom, and several other regions. Many of the best deals are reserved exclusively for Prime subscribers but fret not if you don't have a membership. You can sign up for a 30-day free trial during Prime Day, and you can always cancel after it wraps up.

Most of Amazon's first-party products, including Echo smart speakers and Fire smart TVs, are heavily discounted during Prime Day, but there are plenty of third-party products also included in the sale. As you can see from the curated list of deals above, there are plenty of opportunities to save on Xbox accessories and upgrades.

When is Amazon Prime Day in 2024?

Amazon officially confirmed that this year's Prime Day is running on July 16 and 17. It should probably be called "Prime Days," especially since so many deals are already live in the weeks leading up to the big event. Nevertheless, Tuesday and Wednesday will likely feature the deepest savings on plenty of products.

Do I need Prime membership for Amazon deals?

Plenty of deals at Amazon are available to all shoppers during Prime Day, but many of the best are reserved for Prime subscribers. If you already have a membership you're good to go, and newcomers can sign up for a free 30-day trial.

Amazon Prime: Free 30-day trial

Amazon Prime: Free 30-day trial

Free exclusive Prime Day discounts for new members and cancel anytime. After the trial, it's $14.99/month plus tax. Includes Prime Gaming, Prime Video, and Prime Music access.

Is Amazon Prime Day worth it?

Some Amazon deals are good, others are not. That's especially true during Prime Day when it seems like everything is "on sale." We always recommend you compare prices with other retailers as well as previous pricing history at Amazon. 

You might notice that prices climbed shortly before Prime Day only to look like a better deal with the current discount. To help you save time, Windows Central will pick out the best deals before, during, and after Prime Day.

Checking if Prime Day deals are fake

camelcamelcamel will always show the historical low price of any Amazon product, like the Xbox Series X console here. (Image credit: Windows Central | camelcamelcamel)

A tool we often use is CamelCamelCamel, which can easily provide Amazon pricing history with nothing more than a URL. Just copy and paste the link to display a graph with a complete look at prices and previous price drops.

For example: amazon.com/dp/B08H75RTZ8/ contains everything that CamelCamelCamel needs, and you can delete any trailing URL text.

Do competitors offer better alternatives?

Absolutely. Amazon's major competitors, including Best Buy, Newegg, Walmart, and Target, generally host a sales event leading up to and during Prime Day. You can often find better prices elsewhere, which is why it's so important to shop around.

Amazon isn't the only place that has rewards for members. Signing up for a My Best Buy membership, Walmart Plus membership, or a Target Circle membership can land you many of the same perks, including free shipping, extended return policies, and more. Even nabbing a Costco membership can pay off, as the company has tons of electronics including laptops and desktop PCs.

As you'll notice in the curated list of deals above, we aren't just sticking to discounts at Amazon. When it comes to Xbox accessory deals, Newegg and Best Buy are the main competitors, and we've been sure to compare prices to give you the best look.

Bookmark this page and check back often for new deals and updated prices on the best Prime Day deals before, during, and after the event.

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