Now is the best time to add a 2TB SSD to your Steam Deck, Legion Go, or ROG Ally. Here's why.

The time is perfect if you have been waiting to upgrade your favorite handheld gaming PC. The Western Digital 1TB SN770M SSD is compatible with all the major gaming PC handhelds like Steam Deck, ASUS ROG Ally, and Lenovo Legion Go and delivers excellent read and write speeds for fast game loads.

The 1TB version is now at its lowest price of $79.99 (instead of $109.99) 

The 2TB version is also on sale now down to $169.99 from the original price of $239.99, but it's only available at BestBuy.

WD_BLACK SN770M NVMe 1TB SSD|was $109.99, now $79.99 at Best Buy

WD_BLACK SN770M NVMe 1TB SSD| was $109.99, now $79.99 at Best Buy

The Western Digital WD_BLACK SN770M NVMe SSD is currently on sale for a great price from one of the best memory manufacturers. "Upgrade compatible handheld devices such as the ASUS ROG Ally and Steam Deck with speeds up to 5,150 MB/s," according to Western Digital's site.

WD_BLACK SN770M NVMe 2TB SSD| was $239.99, now $169.99 at Best Buy2TB

WD_BLACK SN770M NVMe 2TB SSD| was $239.99, now $169.99 at Best Buy

Need even more space? Get all the above plus an extra terabyte to bring you to 2TB, which is one impressive gaming handheld. Forget slow SD cards or external drives, as you can take most of your gaming library with you.

✅Perfect for: Anybody looking to upgrade their Steam Deck, ASUS ROG Ally, or Lenovo Legion Go's SSD and has been waiting for an SSD like this to go on sale.

❌Avoid if: If you're uncomfortable opening up your device. 

💰Price check: $79.99 at Amazon (1TB)

🔎More info on the SN770M NVMe SSD: We don't have a review yet, but you can learn more from our article about the SN770M NVMe SSD.

The reasons are pretty simple as to why you should buy the Western Digital WD_BLACK SN770M NVMe SSD through Best Buy. You can usually order it online and pick it up in two hours. Returns are also hassle-free, easy, and instant. 

Moreover, the Best Buy membership can get free two-day shipping, more significant discounts, and a generous 60-day return window. Don't know about how that works? Read our My Best Buy memberships explained: Plus and Total price, rewards, and more for more info!

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Compact, sleek, and a great entry to PC gaming

Western Digital SN770M Internal SSD on ROG Ally.

Western Digital SN770M and ASUS ROG Ally work very well togther (plus no hot and melty SD cards). (Image credit: Western Digital)

As noted in our Steam Deck review, ASUS ROG Ally review, and Lenovo Legion Go review, you can often save money by getting an entry-level device and upgrading the storage to 1TB. 

That's where this deal comes into play. Valve charges $100 more for 1TB. Or maybe you already bought one with 512GB and now have storage anxiety. Well, by upgrading to 1TB, you can solve that problem instantly.

Moreover, Valve, ASUS, and Lenovo don't offer a 2TB version, but you can have one if you want.

The Western Digital WD_BLACK SN770M NVMe SSD being $80 for 1 TB is such a fantastic option, especially when compared to the WD_BLACK C50 Expansion Card for Xbox, which is still struggling to get under $100, though they are on sale right now for $124.99. 

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With a deal this good on the WD_BLACK SN770M NVMe SSD, they could sell out, especially as so many have been purchasing the new Steam Deck OLED. If you plan to get one, this will likely be the lowest these SSDs go this year. 

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