ICYMI: December 6, 2014

A lot can happen in a week. New apps join the Windows Phone Store or Windows Store. Your favorite apps can get a big update with a new look or new features. Device rumors come and go. Seven days might not seem like much, but it can be an eternity in the tech news cycle. Every week we're going to compile the biggest stories into one post, so you never fall behind – In Case You Missed It (ICYMI).

Windows Phone

Lumia Denim

  • Microsoft Lumia 535 – First impressions of the latest budget Windows Phone [Watch]
  • Lumia Denim still planned later this year for some Lumias, early in 2015 for others [Read]
  • Windows Phone update 14219 finally brings Cellular Data Toggle for Action Center [Read]
  • Leaked images of supposed Lumia 1030 prototype appear online [Read]
  • BMW reportedly buying 57,000 Windows Phones for employees [Read]

Microsoft + Windows


  • Microsoft confirms it is acquiring the Acompli iOS and Android email app [Read]
  • What does Microsoft's purchase of Acompli mean for Outlook? [Read]
  • New OS data shows Windows 8.1 growth in November, Windows XP usage falling sharply [Read]
  • How to personalize handwriting recognition on your Surface Pro 3 [Read]
  • Microsoft declares $0.31 per share quarterly dividend [Read]
  • Windows 10 will see a consumer release by late summer or early fall 2015 [Read]
  • Video shows off early version of Cortana running on Windows 10 [Watch]



  • CNN for Windows Phone updated to 2.0 with live TV support, updated design [Read / Download]
  • Xbox Music update for Windows Phone restores ability to buy individual tracks [Read / Download]
  • Disqus 2 now available for Windows Phone with new redesign [Read / Download]
  • Camera360Pro drops the beta, launches as Camera360 Sight [Read / Download]
  • Flightradar24 Free now available for Windows Phone [Read / Download]
  • Learn Chinese easily with the HANYU.CO for Windows Phone and Windows [Read / Download]
  • Telegram Messenger Beta gets integration with phone contacts in latest update [Read / Download]
  • BBC Sport app makes its Windows Phone debut for coverage of football, rugby and more [Read / Download]
  • Metrotube update brings continuous playback, audio mode and more [Read / Download]
  • Watch Twitch on your phone or tablet with 8Stream [Read / Download]
  • Maestro adds Yahoo account and Gmail label support in new update [Read / Download]



  • Zynga's FarmVille 2: Country Escape has quietly made its Windows Phone debut [Read / Download]
  • Tiny Troopers is now available for Windows Phone as an Xbox title [Read / Download]
  • 'Sonic Dash' races onto Windows Phone (and Windows too) [Read / Download]
  • Find the hidden words with the Windows Phone game Words! [Read / Download]
  • Pocket Tanks finally makes its Windows Phone debut [Read / Download]



  • Worms Battlegrounds is now available for free on Xbox One with Gold membership [Read]
  • BBC iPlayer now available on Xbox One [Read]
  • New content update for the Master Chief Collection now live on Xbox One [Read]
  • LIMBO and Threes! are now available for Xbox One [Read]


Animal Contest

  • Weekly photo contest: Animals [Enter]
  • One month later and I'm still in love with the Microsoft Band [Read]
  • 2014 Holiday Gift Guide [Buy buy buy]
  • How to create a VIP list to limit mail notifications on the Microsoft Band [Read]
  • Bluetooth 4.2 will make your connected devices smarter, faster, and more secure [Read]

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Share your thoughts on this past week of Windows Phone, Windows, Xbox and Microsoft news!

Sam Sabri
  • I missed it
  • Just received the mail
  • That's a long list.
  • It was a pretty good week.
  • And skipped vlc ...
  • Not that bad week but the news of denim update brought me joy and on the other "eye" it brought me tears. :P
  • Mobile data is superb.. But we need Bluetooth received folder otherwise files is useless.. We want vlc and candy they are about to come we don't need any apps or games we need only Bluetooth received folder that completes the OS Microsoft is taking long time to update us
  • Vlc is already available.. If you signed up for the beta list...
  • Is it that hard to find the files you received through Bluetooth that you want a special folder for them? I honestly think the folder would be extremely useless.
  • After you receive files sent through bluetooth, you need to open it or somehow it will magically disappear. This thing needs to change.
  • I like these!
  • Vlc beta is missing
  • is windows phone has an app that can manage ram? anybody knows?
  • Windows Phone doesn't need an app that manages ram... it's not like Android, Windows Phone manages that stuff on its own.
  • You do have something called temporary files in storage check & storage sense. . Clear it its somewhat similar to RAM manager
  • Developers r on full throttle
  • Great week for WP, will be an awesome year and lets all ask Santa for a Microsoft surface phone to stamp the ground for us.
  • What the fish WP 8.1... Add mp3 sharing and downloading to whatsapp,  Add video calling to viber,  Add audio calling, video and audio sharing to BBM Add audio calling FB messanger  same as in ioS and Android. Why WP users are given second class treatment. app wise?
  • Why vlc isn't in this list
  • Because it wasn't for everyone I guess...