ICYMI: October 4, 2014

A lot can happen in a week. New apps join the Windows Phone Store or Windows Store. Your favorite apps can get a big update with a new look or new features. Device rumors come and go. Seven days might not seem like much, but it can be an eternity in the tech news cycle. Every week we're going to compile the biggest stories into one post, so you never fall behind – In Case You Missed It (ICYMI).

Windows Phone


  • BLU Win HD Windows Phone, unboxing and first impressions [Read]
  • Lumia 830 will soon launch in China with Cortana [Read]
  • AT&T black Lumia 830 likely to go on sale November 7th [Read]
  • Here's how Cortana will never let you miss a concert by your favorite bands [Read]
  • Microsoft: The top 20 highest grossing Windows Phone apps all use in-app purchases [Read]
  • Microsoft launches its flagship Windows Phone, the Lumia 930, in India for INR 38,649 [Read]
  • Lumia 830, the affordable flagship phone, launches in India for INR 28,799 [Read]
  • Mid-range Lumia 730 launches in India for INR 15,299 [Read]
  • Cortana picks up image support for Halo-themed questions [Read]

Windows 10 Announcement

Windows 10

  • Microsoft announces Windows 10, the next version of Windows [Read]
  • Windows 10 Technical Preview now available for download [Read / Download]
  • Here are the 6 new features inside Windows 10 [Read]
  • Windows 10 coming mid-2015, next Build conference in April [Read]
  • Our new Windows 10 forums are now open! [Read]
  • Microsoft posts video of Windows 10 press event to make up for no live stream [Watch]
  • Windows 10 'Continuum' mode for hybrid notebook-tablet devices shown in video [Read]



  • Bill Gates wants to help Microsoft improve Office, praises CEO Satya Nadella [Read]
  • Microsoft offers schools a 10 percent discount on Surface Pro 3 [Read]
  • Microsoft adds presentation app Sway to the Office software family [Read]
  • Microsoft adds 50 new partners after dropping Windows licensing fee [Read]
  • Surface tablets go to jail to help inmates communicate with family members [Read]



  • Flipboard app for Windows Phone now available to download [Read / Download]
  • myTube for Windows 8.1 arrives in beta for everyone [Read]
  • Dazzling email client Maestro enters into public preview for Windows Phone 8.1 users [Read / Download]
  • Official Disney Channel, Disney Junior and Disney XD apps available for Windows Phone, brings full episodes and live TV [Read]
  • Endomondo for Windows Phone updated with Premium support, notifications and more [Read / Download]
  • Become pro with Coach's Eye, now available on Windows Phone [Read / Download]
  • Swarm app for Windows Phone makes enormous strides in the latest update with new features [Read / Download]
  • Poki 2 available for Windows Phone, revamped interface and a ton of new features [Read / Download]
  • Sensie maps where you have been using just your Lumia Windows Phone with SensorCore [Read / Download]


Dream Arcade

  • Krashlander sequel skis into the Windows Phone Store, now available for free [Read / Download]
  • 2D platformer Dream Arcade on sale for $0.99 in Windows Store [Read / Download]
  • Grab these two Star Wars games for Windows Phone before they disappear [Read]



  • Microsoft launches Xbox One in China but faces struggle to get major games approved [Read]
  • VH1 and Forza Hub Xbox One apps now available for download [Read]
  • First impressions of Chariot for Xbox One, free new game for Gold subscribers [Read]
  • Forza Horizon 2 review, race and explore a vast open world on Xbox One and 360 [Read]
  • Defense Grid 2 review, serious tower defense for Xbox One [Read]


Art Contest

  • Weekly photo contest: Art [Enter]
  • How to watch Premier League games in the US with Windows Phone [Read]

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