The Windows Store is packed full of time waster games and the match three genre of games are a great way to lose track of time with. These Windows 10 game challenges you to create matches of three, identical items to earn points and achieve goals.

They come in all shapes, form and fashion utilizing colored orbs, gems, food items and other items to create these matches. Some titles have you pursuing scoring goals, while others challenge you to collect specific quantities of a certain object.

We have scoured the shelves of the Windows Store and these are our best match three games for Windows 10.

Bejeweled Live+

Bejeweled Live+

The Bejeweled series of match three games have been around for a long time and Bejeweled Live+ offers five challenging game modes in an Xbox Live gaming title.

Bejeweled Live+Bejeweled Live+Bejeweled Live+

Available for Windows 10 Mobile, Bejeweled Live+ includes:

  • Classic Mode: This is the traditional game of Bejeweled where you race to create as many matches as possible before the timer bar expires.
  • Lightning Mode: A faster-paced game than the Classic Mode with matches available that adds time to the timer.
  • Diamond Mine: Create matches to dig deeper in the mind where you need to reach a depth level before time expires to keep the game alive.
  • Zen: This mode lacks any time challenges and allows you to chill out and seek out as many matches as possible. Relaxing sounds play to relieve you of stress.
  • Butterfly: Along with gems to match, you are challenged to collect butterflies that match the gem's color. Create the matches to release the butterflies before a nasty spider captures one.

Each mode rewards you with power-ups when you create matches of more than three items. These power-ups help you clear more gems from the screen, earning you more points.

Bejeweled Live+Bejeweled Live+Bejeweled Live+

Bejeweled Live+ is a nice collection of match three games and includes Xbox Live leaderboards and twenty achievements. There is a trial version of Bejeweled Live+ available with the full game running $2.99. It's a classic game and a fun way to pass the time.

Download Bejeweled Live+ from the Windows Store

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Candy Crush Soda Saga

Candy Crush Soda Saga

The Candy Crush series of games is another popular series and Candy Crush Soda Saga offer hundreds of match-three styled puzzles to tackle.

Candy Crush Soda SagaCandy Crush Soda SagaCandy Crush Soda Saga

Candy Crush Soda Saga has three game modes that include:

  • Soda Smash: Create matches that include soda bottles to release and fill the game board with a purple soda
  • Green Soda: Create square matches of four items to create Swedish Fish
  • Frosting: Create matches to smash ice that has enclosed Candy Bears
  • Honey: Create matches to honey to release the Candy Bears

Game levels are mapped out throughout the Candy Crush Soda world and the modes vary as you progress through the map. To keep things challenging, game levels have a move limitation, requiring a little strategy as you plan out your matches.

The free Windows 10 game has support for Facebook login that allows you to share your scores with friends and easily synchronize game progress between devices. Available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, Candy Crush Soda Saga is a fun, challenging match three style game for all ages.

Download Candy Crush Soda Saga from the Windows Store

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Zuma's Revenge

Zuma's Revenge

While many of the match three games have you swapping items around the game board to create the matches, some call on you to shoot items into the game board to create the matches, such as Zuma's Revenge.

Zuma's Revenge

Zuma's Revenge offers over 60 levels of play where you shoot colored stone spheres into a moving chain to create matches of three or more spheres. You need to create enough matches to destroy the chain of spheres before it reaches a portal.

There are plenty of bonus spheres available that explodes additional spheres or temporarily reverse the course of the chain. Zuma's Revenge challenges your skills at marksmanship, strategy and speed with plenty of winding paths that the chain travels.

Zuma's Revenge

Zuma's Revenge is an Xbox Live title with plenty of achievements to earn. The game has been around for Windows 10 Mobile for some time and while Zuma's Revenge can be considered a classic title, it remains an entertaining match three title.

There is a free trial version available for Zuma's Revenge, with the full game costing $2.99. It approaches the match three genre slightly different, but Zuma's Revenge is a fun game to spend a little down time with.

Download Zuma's Revenge from the Windows Store

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Inside Out Thought Bubbles

Inside Out Thought Bubbles

The Disney collection of Windows 10 games offers a host of match three styled titles. From Dodo Pop to Maleficent Free Fall you can find your traditional-styled games where you switch items to create the match or you can find games that take on a bubble burst approach to creating matches. Inside Out Thought Bubbles is one such game where you shoot Thought Bubbles into a field of bubbles to create the matches.

Inside Out Thought BubblesInside Out Thought BubblesInside Out Thought Bubbles

Inspired by the Disney film, Inside Out Thought Bubbles has over 200 levels of gameplay, four different game types, a host of power-ups and tons of fun.

Gameplay has you shooting colored thought bubbles into a cluster of bubbles to create matches of three or more. Some levels require you to collect a number of bubbles, clear the screen of bubbles and some require you hit revolving targets surrounded by bubbles. Gems are earned during gameplay that can be used to buy power-ups, extra moves and additional lives.

Inside Out Thought Bubbles is a colorful match three game that is easy to play and offers a boatload of challenging puzzles to solve. It is a free game and Inside Out Thought Bubbles is available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile. The game supports Facebook login to allow synchronization between game devices.

Download Inside Out Thought Bubbles from the Windows Store

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If you have played any of these games, let us know what you think of things in the comments below. There is no shortage of fun match three games in the Windows Store and it would be an uphill battle to list them all. In the chance we have missed your favorite match three game, feel free to toss out your recommendation in the comments as well.