Deal Alert: Save up to 70 per-cent on SanDisk memory from Amazon

Amazon SanDisk Deal

Amazon currently has a deal running where customers can save up to 70% on selected SanDisk memory. This includes an array of SD Cards, perfect for your upcoming Windows 8 tablet or Windows Phone 8 handset. 32GB and 64GB SD Cards are included in the deal starting from just $19.99, as well as 8-64GB CompactFlash modules.

If that weren't enough a 32GB SanDisk SSD is available for just $39.99, an absolute steal, and if you're into music Amazon has thrown in an 8GB SanDisk MP3 player for $44.99.

The Gold Box Deal of the Day is only valid for today so be sure to jump in and take advantage of the new prices.

Source: Amazon; thanks, Andygoes, for the tip!


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Deal Alert: Save up to 70 per-cent on SanDisk memory from Amazon


I bought the $43 64gb SDXC card earlier today. The 70% off is a bit misleading since they had a crazy markup on these. The same SDXC card they claimed used to be $99 has been $63 on newegg for a long time now.

Yeah, I had ordered one earlier in the week for my Surface @ $60.  Figured I'd pick up another one for backup for the $43.  Even with the markup...it's still not a bad price.

Just ordered the micro 64 gb as well. Really great. Just took my Surface from 32 gb's to 96 gb's! Add  the free Skydrive account and I am hitting at 126 gb's!

I'm not getting my Surface until the end of November but I ordered the 64GB micro SDXC to have it waiting in the wings. Not a bad deal at all.

Surface 32gb really only as 20 gigs. I just took advantage of this deal and got the 64gb for $46. But too bad I only net 80 gigs. My music collection alone is 92gbs!

I bought the 32 about two weeks ago the 32gb is 5 dollars off what it was on the site and the 64 gb is 7 dollars off what it normally was i mean saving money is good and all but dont exaggerate it 

I looked a week or two ago and the cheapest 64gb card was $60. That was through a 3rd party, Amazon had it for around $70, so it's still a really good deal.
I ordered a 64 for the likelihood I get the Ativ S. If I don't then I'll just use it in something else.

It should be noted that Surface users will NOT be able to store apps on removable storage cards, but will be able to store music and videos. Just a little reminder to spare some disappointment later.

That's true but... That means you'll have 20GB of internal storage JUST for apps (more if you get the 64GB Surface). Music, pics and videos (which take up the most storage anyway) can go on the memory card.

for me it will be 20GB just for apps. Music and vidoes will go on the 64gb card I just bought.  Pictures will be stored on my 25gb skydrive!!!!
20+60+25=105GB for my Surface!!
Awesome deal :)

Got my 64gb for $51. Waiting impatiently until Friday. It does say on my order that it's been shipped from Harrisburg, PA with my Cyan touch over!

yes they will work. On the spec sheet it says Surface RT will support up to 64GB Micro SD ??XC
Sorry, I forget what they other two letters are, but yes, it will support it. Buy now, regret later ;-p

shweeet!! I was actually about to buy me a 64GB SDXC for my Surface the other day, but I'm glad I waited :-)

maybe I'm missing something but the specs for the Surface RT states it is SDHC compatible (up to 32 GB) not SDXC.  Is everyone sure that the Surface RT will work with the 64 GB cards?

You do know that percent is either spelled percent or represented by the symbol %?  If you don't want to spell check anything else, you might least read yout own header....

You do know that things are spelled differently in different countries?  BTW, what does "yout" mean?  It kind of looks bad to get on someone for their spelling if you do it yourself.

Just a little info for everyone.  there have the same Read speed as the Extreme memory card but are significantly slower at Write speed. 

Just be warned that in product description it says "UHS Speed Class 1** Ideal for Shooting Full HD1 Video". Thats Class 1 which means very slow. The highest you can get is Class 10.

From product description:

Highest Full HD video recording performance available with class 10 rating
Ideal for Android and other smartphones and tablets
UHS-1 enabled
Transfer speeds up to 30 MB/s
Class 10 video recording performance
Double your speed for advanced photo capture
Keep all your files in one place with the SanDisk Memory Zone app
Water-proof, temperature proof, X-ray proof, shock proof±

Also read definition of UHS-1



Questions are 1) what the recommended speed class per device and 2) what's the maximum size for devices.

Do you guys think these will be cheaper on black Friday? I'm not planning on getting a surface until the pro model comes out, so I can wait a bit.