This discounted curved OLED Alienware is my favorite gaming monitor of all time — and it's $200 off RIGHT NOW

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Searching for a new monitor can be exhausting. There are innumerable options from reputable manufacturers with overlapping features and capabilities, making it nearly impossible to choose just one. So, when a critically acclaimed, premium gaming monitor sees its price tag reach a brand-new low, that makes it a lot easier to pull the trigger.

Fortunately, that is exactly what's happening during Amazon Prime Big Deal Days, except this deal has nothing to do with Amazon and doesn't need an Amazon Prime subscription. The Alienware 34 Curved QD-OLED Gaming Monitor (AW3423DWF) can be purchased directly from Dell (or Best Buy) with a cool $200 savings, combining with a previous permanent $100 price cut to make an incredible deal.

For a very limited time, this gorgeous OLED gaming monitor can be had for just $799.99 at Dell.

Alienware 34 Curved QD-OLED Gaming Monitor (AW3423DWF) | $999.99now $799.99 at Dell

Alienware 34 Curved QD-OLED Gaming Monitor (AW3423DWF) | was $999.99 now $799.99 at Dell

This is the monitor that I would buy if I were in the market (and didn't already have one), because it's just that good. The Quantum Dot OLED display is beautiful and color accurate, and delivers fantastic gaming performance, too. Now, you can have it all and save hundreds.

✅Great for: Those who want to game and multitask in style with a best-in-class display.

💰Price check: $799.99 at Best Buy

This is the monitor I would buy right now

Alienware makes a ton of amazing gaming hardware, but few of its products are as consistently highly rated as its 34-inch QD-OLED curved gaming monitor. This beast of a display packs a gorgeous, widescreen, curved display with amazing picture quality and color accuracy. Right off the bat, it's perfect for multitasking experts with its 21:9 aspect ratio, but also suits creative professionals with impeccable color accuracy and best-in-class contrast.

At its heart, though, the AW3423DWF monitor is built for gaming, and it does so with grace. You get a 165Hz refresh rate to play all the best PC games at the smoothest framerates, as well as a 0.1ms response time to ensure you never fall behind the action. Elsewhere, you get AMD FreeSync Premium Pro to reduce screen tearing, an anti-reflective coating to prevent glare from interrupting your line of sight, and AlienFX RGB lighting on the rear for good measure (because it makes you game better).

The monitor is smartly designed, too, with a solid selection of additional ports to hook up more accessories and peripherals to your PC, as well as a clever rear panel designed to hide the pesky cables and rear ports. There are a lot of great reasons why this is genuinely one of my favorite gaming monitors of all time, and it's the one I would buy... If I didn't already have one here. Even without the greatest max brightness or with the finnicky nature of the Alienware Command Center software, this is a genuinely incredible gaming monitor from the first pixel to the last.

Now, you can own one of your own at its lowest price ever. Sure, we have seen the Alienware AW3423DWF discounted by $200 before, but this time the discount settles on top of the permanent $100 price drop the monitor recently enjoyed. All-in-all, you're saving $300 off the monitor's original retail price. Act fast, though, because Dell's flash sale only lasts for as long as Amazon's does, and Best Buy's price matching will follow suit.

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