Go NUTS playing Forza Motorsport with the Thrustmaster T248X racing wheel and magnetic pedals — save $120 at Best Buy right now

Can you feel the holiday cheer slowly creeping in? Well, I can. And if you've been looking for a sign to finally get that racing wheel for your gaming setup, this is it. While Xbox controllers create an immersive elusion when playing entries such as Forza Motorsport (or even the highly-anticipated GTA 6 - when the time comes), it's nothing quite like what the Thrustmaster T248 racing wheel and magnetic pedals add to the table. For a very limited time, you can save a whole lot of money on a new setup.

Thrustmaster T248X racing wheel and magnetic pedals$399.99now $279.99 at Best Buy

Thrustmaster T248X racing wheel and magnetic pedals | was $399.99 now $279.99 at Best Buy

If you want to take your gameplay and racing experience to the next level, the Thrustmaster T248 racing wheel and magnetic pedals are right up your alley. It promises an immersive racing experience right in the comfort of your home. You can snag them right now at Best Buy and save $120.

Perfect for: Newcomers and experienced racers deep in the simulation net who want to elevate their racing experience.

Avoid if: If you're just trying your hand at racing games and don't want to fully commit, as this is still an expensive investment into your gaming experience.

💰Price check: $279.99 at Amazon

🔎Our review: Thrustmaster T248X review: Force feedback for beginners and enthusiasts

👀Alternative deal: If you want to snag the Thrustmaster T248 racing wheel and magnetic pedals but you're based in the UK, you can get them for just £228.99 at Amazon.

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Intricate racing and a more realistic gameplay experience

The Thrustmaster T248 in all its glory, ready to take your virtual racing to an all-new level. (Image credit: DavidJr)

If you want to enhance your racing experience while gaming by making it more life-like, the Thrustmaster T248 racing wheel and magnetic pedals are a fireproof way to achieve this feat.

In our Thrustmaster T248X racing wheel review, Ben Wilson (who happens to be our gaming accessories savant at Windows Central, particularly when it comes to racing wheels) gave it a 4.5-star rating, citing negligible shortcomings compared to wins. More specifically, he praised it for the super simple setup, in-depth settings, and excellent force feedback experience. Simulation enthusiasts will really get to feel the grip and burnout of the racing tires in the best Xbox racing games like Forza Motorsport, right in the comfort of their homes.

What's more, the Thrustmaster T248X supports multiple platforms, including Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows PC. No one is left out of the racing fun. If you need more convincing, though, listen to an actual customer:

Customer ratings

With a 4.3 star rating on Best Buy, this seems like a worthwhile deal that will blow your racing gameplay experience out of the water. According to buckbabes, who presumably bought the entry over a year ago from the outlet:

"If you like playing racing games the Thrustmaster T248 is an awesome and fun accessory for taking your racing games to the next level. It added an immersiveness that I never felt with a regular controller. Setup and teardown are simple. The steering wheel attaches to any desk or table surface with an adjustable clamp and the pedals just sit on the floor. The only Issue I had with setting it up was because the pedals slid around on the floor. Luckily, I was able to use the box as a brace between the pedals and the wall. The steering wheel is specifically meant for use with the PS4/PS5. However, it also worked great with the Xbox app on my gaming PC. There is no software download or anything else necessary to use it. But I was a little disappointed because it doesn't work with all racing games. So, before buying you may want to check the Thrustmaster website to see if it is compatible with any specific games you intend to play. In my use I was able to play DIRT 5 and Forza Horizon without any issues. The steering feedback was good and when I was coming out of turns the wheel would automatically center itself. The pedals on the other hand were just okay. They were very responsive, but I would have preferred if the brake wasn't so hard and if the pedals were spaced a little farther apart. Because after about an hour of playing my legs would cramp up. Overall, Like I said in the beginning of this review, it is an awesome and fun accessory for taking your gaming to the next level and it receives my recommendation."

Act fast before this amazing discount slips away.

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