This Black Friday discount on a Seagate Expansion Card for Xbox Series X|S is perfect for Alan Wake 2

Still haven't expanded your Xbox storage? Money is tight, so it's completely understandable. With that in mind, more and more games are being released exclusively for Xbox Series X|S, meaning you need premium SSD storage space to play the latest titles. 

If you're looking to improve your storage situation, then you can take advantage of a deal that's live right now on Best Buy for Black Friday, where the Seagate Storage 1TB Expansion Card is officially $70 off, meaning it's just $150 to buy one right now. The 2TB model is also heavily discounted, available for $280 at Best Buy, down from the usual eyebrow-raising $400 price tag. 

Seagate Storage 1TB Expansion Card for Xbox Series X|S |was $220now $150 at Best Buy

Seagate Storage 1TB Expansion Card for Xbox Series X|S | was $220 now $150 at Best Buy

The 1TB Expansion Card is a great balance between price and capacity, doubling the storage of an Xbox Series X instantly. That means more room for the games that matter. 

Price check: $150 at Amazon

Xbox Series X|S Seagate Storage Expansion Card

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Now, the word "officially" is up there for a reason. While $220 remains the official recommended price of the 1TB card, in practice, it's rarely ever been at that price since the competing WD_Black option was introduced, driving the price down slightly. $150 isn't even the lowest we've ever seen this card go, as it was briefly $140 earlier this year around the first Amazon Prime Day.

Still, even with the caveats above, there's no denying this is a deal you should take advantage of. If you don't have an expansion card right now, then your Xbox Series X or black Xbox Series S only has 1TB of space to work with, limiting how many recent games you can keep installed at once. That's even more true if you have a white 512GB Xbox Series S. 

In combination with a storage expansion card, you can further save space by grabbing one of the best external Xbox hard drives and offloading any backward-compatible games. 

That means more space for the most recent games that require ultra-fast SSD technology to run. That includes first-party games like Starfield and third-party titles like Remedy Entertainment's recent masterpiece, Alan Wake 2. If you're a fan of survival horror and more unique experiences in games, then read our Alan Wake 2 review to find out why it's a game you can't afford to skip. 

Feels like home. (Image credit: Windows Central)

Alan Wake 2 has only gotten better in the weeks since it launched. Remedy Entertainment has fixed over 200 issues across all versions of the game so far, including improving image quality on Xbox Series S and patching an Xbox-specific audio issue.

In the review, I praised the narrative structure Remedy created, writing that "The structure here is best described as chaotic, which is as enrapturing as it is uneven. If Control was Remedy skillfully painting a picture with restraint, holding back for the cleanest brushstrokes for fear of making a mistake, then Alan Wake 2 is an artist's rage unleashed, throwing buckets of paint onto a wild, unrestrained mural."

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