This Amazon deal for a portable Xbox Series S display feels so wrong... yet so right

The Xbox Series S serves as a cheaper alternative to the Xbox Series X for gamers with lower budgets while maintaining many of the Xbox Series X's technical capabilities at a reduced size and price. However, there are folks out there who once felt the Xbox Series S had an untapped potential to become a fully portable games console.

Enter UPspec Gaming, a third-party company that launched a Kickstarter project in 2021 to create a product that would help the Xbox Series S realize that potential — the xScreen for Xbox Series S. This product is a flatscreen panel designed to attach to an Xbox Series S and allow it display games you're playing on the screen. 

Normally this product sells for $199.99, but thanks to Amazon's Prime Day deals, you can grab the xScreen at a reduced price of $159.99 for a limited time.

xScreen for Xbox Series S: $199.99 now $159.99 at Amazon

xScreen for Xbox Series S: was $199.99 now $159.99 at Amazon

Transform your Xbox Series S into a portable games console with UpSpec Gaming's Screen for Xbox Series S.

Price check: was $249.99 now $199.99 at UPspec Gaming

Pros: Displays games at 60Hz, it's easy to set up, and its HDMI-CEC support allows it to shut down when closing the panel.
Cons: Low-quality speakers, restricted USB ports, and image quality struggles under bright lighting.

(Image credit: Ben Wilson | Windows Central)

Our own Ben Wilson reviewed the xScreen a while back and praised it for being a commendable first outing as a Kickstarter project. How the xScreen works is that it attaches to the back of the console through its HDMI ports and then powers itself by channeling the Xbox Series S's own power supply without requiring any additional cables.

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Once you're set up, the xScreen's 11.6-inch IPS panel will be able to display any games, apps, or videos you're running on the Xbox Series S at crisp 60Hz visual fidelity. It also supports 1080p resolutions and 60fps though do note that the user manual warns you that the console will reset to 720p after connecting to the xScreen and it will walk you through how to set it back if it happens.

In addition, the xScreen has a slick, compact design that feels like a natural extension of the Xbox Series S without bloating the original console's size. It also has HDMI-CEC support which allows the xScreen and your console to power down when you close the xScreen's foldable panel just like laptops. Do note that the console will only shut down completely if you put it on energy-saving power mode, as a precaution to avoid blocking the Xbox Series S' main cooling vent.

With these features, the xScreen effectively transforms your Xbox Series S into a portable games console. This way you can take the Xbox Series S with you while traveling abroad or visiting friends and play your favorite Xbox games natively in case you can't access Xbox Cloud Gaming due to spotty internet connections.

Why we like this deal

(Image credit: Ben Wilson | Windows Central)

While UPspec Gaming's xScreen is a remarkable piece of engineering, its somewhat steep price tag of at least $199.99 at Amazon or Upspec's own website has given some customers pause for thought if it was worth it or not.

Thankfully for those interested in this device, Amazon is currently offering a 20% discount for the xScreen, reducing the price to $159.99. This is a more reasonable price considering the amount of technology and hard work that went into this third-party item. 

So if you're looking device that can convert your Xbox Series S into a portable game console so you can play the best Xbox Games natively while abroad or away from home, then use this deal to grab the UPspec Gaming's xScreen today.

In addition, this deal will save you $40 which you can then use to buy yourself an Xbox Series S, which is currently having a monumental Prime Day deal for $200!

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