Weekly Digest: August 30, 2015

There's a lot going on in the world of Windows Phone. So much, in fact, that it is sometimes tough to catch every important story.

Device rumors come and go. New apps join the Windows Phone Store, and your favorite app can get a big update with a new look or new features.

Therefore, every week we will compile a list of the Windows Phone news that you just shouldn't miss. Welcome to the "Windows Phone Weekly Digest."

Windows Phone

Windows Phone

Microsoft's Lumia 640 has been climbing up the charts since its release. The budget phone has become the second most popular Windows Phone in the United States behind the Lumia 635. Despite the climb, T-Mobile has already decided to stop selling the phone, just two months after its launch.

The Microsoft Research team has developed an app that can turn your smartphone into a 3D scanner. The end goal is to release their MobileFusion app to the general public, but for now, the team will be showing it off at the International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality in early October.

Some of the great minds over at XDA discovered a way to gain full access to the Windows 10 Mobile file system. It isn't easy, but it's an interesting discovery nonetheless.

Owners of 4GB Windows Phones got some sad, but not unexpected news this week. It looks like they will not be not be getting the Windows 10 Mobile upgrade.

But there was exciting news, too, as alleged photos of the upcoming Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL phones made their way online, along with pics of what look to be Continuum docks.

And on top of that, some pictures of Windows 10 Mobile build 10534 also leaked online, though there isn't anything terribly new with this version.

Other notable items:



Microsoft pushed out updates to their Windows Camera and Microsoft Photos apps on Windows 10 desktop and mobile. They also made their Lumia Camera available to non-Lumia Windows 8.1 devices. Unfortunately, any non-Lumia getting the app will be limited to version 4.x, rather than the latest 5.x, which includes Rich Capture.

6tin for Windows Phone was updated with faster start time and UI changes, then picked up Tinder verified badge support in a following update. 6tag, another app by Rudy Huyn was also updated, adding support for Instagram's new portrait and landscape image formats.

Maps for Windows 10 Mobile got more driving options for navigation, like speed limit warnings and automatic zoom.

Internet streaming service TuneIn, launched their new TuneIn Premium package, a monthly service that offers access to music, audiobooks, and live sports for $7.99 a month.

And Indian music service, Saavn launched a Universal Windows App for Windows 10 and Windows Phone.

Other notable items:



The busy bees over at Game Troopers revealed their newest upcoming game in a new trailer this week. It's unclear when Trucking 3D will be released, but it will have the player driving all kinds of vehicles to help construct different buildings.

We got an exclusive look at the next big update for Cloud Raiders, a cross-platform strategy game for Windows and Windows Phone.

Age of Empires: Castle Siege gets defensive in latest update

Lara Croft GO made its way to Windows Phone. Lara explores 75 levels of adventure in this beautiful world.

Everybody's favorite arachnid crime fighter is swinging his way onto Windows Phone as well. Gameloft's Spider-Man: Ultimate Power takes the web-slinger on a hunt to rescue Mary Jane from some of his long-time nemeses.

Other notable items:

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