Reminder: Leave a comment, win a headset

Just a quick reminder that if you're registered with us and leave a comment through mid-day Friday, you'll be in the running for a free Motorola H12 Bluetooth headset.

Full details in yesterday's post, and head here if you're not registered with us yet.


Reader comments

Reminder: Leave a comment, win a headset


I REALLY could use this.
i just lost my jabra BT250!:( (what u know about dat?)
now...no music over bluetooth :(

I have the new S9-HD but am not exactly in love with it, so I also could use a headset that works, I am hoping this is it.

BT handset is nice. just i need a pan firend and good relation siph plece writh me

Been to the latest contest but cant find a button to make comment like this blog. Am i doing something wrong?

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