The Xbox-friendly Razer Turret mouse and keyboard is down to just $150 for Prime Day

The Razer Turret for Xbox One and PC.
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Gamers looking to use their Xbox console with a mouse and keyboard will be happy to know that for Prime Day, the cost of the Razer Turret has fallen to just $150 at Amazon. This is a massive 40% discount, as the MSRP of Razer's Xbox-friendly mouse and keyboard kit is $250 — a full $100 more than the Prime Day deal price.

The Razer Turret is built first and foremost to offer an excellent mouse and keyboard experience for Xbox players. The keyboard's built-in retractable magnetic mouse mat gives couch players a surface to use the mouse on, while the ergonomic wrist rest keeps your hands comfortable through long gameplay sessions. There's also a dedicated Xbox key that brings up the Xbox dashboard when pressed, much like the Xbox button on an Xbox controller would. The Razer Turret is also fully wireless, connecting to Xbox consoles (or a PC) via an included USB dongle.

Snag a Razer Turret for 40% off this Prime Day

Razer Turret for Xbox and PC | $250 $150 at Amazon

Razer Turret for Xbox and PC | $250 $150 at Amazon

The Razer Turret is a fantastic mouse and keyboard combo built from the ground up for Xbox fans. The keyboard's magnetic mouse mat gives couch gamers a surface to use the mouse on, and both the mouse and keyboard themselves have several Xbox-focused features like a dedicated Xbox key and RGB lights that sync with Xbox games.

The switches Razer used for the Turret's keys are robust and durable, as is the keyboard's aluminum chassis. The mouse is awesome, too, featuring Razer's 5G advanced optical sensor, a max DPI of 16,000, and a durability rating of over 50 million clicks. The RGB lights on the keyboard and mouse also sync with Xbox mouse and keyboard games, displaying many of the same colors that you see on-screen in real time.

The Razer Turret's battery life is also great, giving players a maximum of 50 hours of playtime with the mouse and up to 43 hours of usage with the keyboard. These results are achieved with the RGB lights off; with them on, you can expect 30 hours of mouse use and 11 hours of keyboard use per charge. 

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