This power bank is perfect for ROG Ally because it can supply enough power for the gaming handheld and it's steeply discounted right now

I absolutely love my ROG Ally and have spent dozens of hours playing various games on it. But like every gaming handheld on the market, it doesn't have the best battery life. Thankfully, the ROG Ally power bank that I recommend the most is currently deeply discounted for Black Friday at $40 off. It's ideal for ASUS' handheld because it supplies enough of a power flow to keep up with ROG Ally's power consumption in Turbo mode. Plus, it's a great value, too, since it comes with a cable, a wall charger, and a carrying bag. 

Anker PowerCore with Wall Charger: was $149.99  now $99.99 at Amazon ($40 off)

Anker PowerCore with Wall Charger: was $149.99  now $99.99 at Amazon ($40 off)

This purchase not only gives you the battery pack but also a wall charger and a USB-C to USB-C cable, making it a very good value. The battery itself has a 25,600mAh capacity so it can provide juice longer than some other options. Plus, it's capable of a max USB-C output of 87W, which is perfect for use with the ROG Ally which requires 65W or more to charge up while you play. There are two USB-C ports and two USB-A ports. 

✅Perfect for: Charging up gaming handhelds and laptops like the ROG Ally.

❌Avoid it if: You mostly play your ROG Ally while it's plugged in and charging, like on a dock.

👀 Alternative Anker PowerCore III Elite deal: was $149.99 now $136.99 at Best Buy (No wall charger)

Why is this battery pack best for ROG Ally?

ROG Ally requires at least a 65W power flow if you want to charge it up while playing games in Turbo mode.  (Image credit: Rebecca Spear / Windows Central)

As is the case with all gaming handhelds, the ROG Ally doesn't have the best battery life. For this reason, I always pack a power bank whenever I take my ASUS handheld with me on trips. The thing is, the ROG Ally requires at least a 65W power flow in order to charge up while I'm playing in Turbo mode. As such, I can't just use any battery pack, I need to have one that supplies 65W or more. 

This is why I recommend the Anker PowerCore A1291 in our roundup of the best ROG Ally battery packs. It can supply a max of 87W if the USB-C port is the only one being used, which is great for the ROG Ally. Plus, Anker is a very trusted brand that produces many of the best battery packs on the market, so you know you can trust it. What's more, this purchase is a fantastic value since the battery also comes with a USB-C to USB-C cable, a wall charger, and a carrying bag. It all works to make a very convenient ROG Ally accessory that's easy to travel with. 


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