Microsoft cuts Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Game Pass subscriptions to  for first month

As the holiday deals season wears on, Microsoft has once again cut the prie of its Xbox subscription services for new subscribers. Both Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold memberships can be had for $1 each for the first month.

Both deals are scheduled to run through January 5, after which each subscription will tick back up to its normal price of $9.99 per month. As is usual with these sorts of deals, current subscribers are left out. But the discount serves as a good way to give interested gamers a reason to check the memberships out.

Along with these subscription discounts, Microsoft is still offering a number of deals on things like Xbox consoles and Surface PCs for the holidays. A number of other deals on PCs, media, and apps are also set to kick off on December 22 with Microsoft's Countdown to 2018 sale.

For now, if you're new to Xbox Game Pass or Xbox Live Gold, you can subscribe for $1 at Microsoft now.

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