Windows Phone Weekly Digest: July 5, 2015

There's a lot going on in the world of Windows Phone. So much, in fact, that it is sometimes tough to catch every important story. Device rumors come and go. New apps join the Windows Phone Store, and your favorite app can get a big update with a new look or new features.

Therefore, every week we will compile a list of the Windows Phone news that you just shouldn't miss. Welcome to the "Windows Phone Weekly Digest."

Windows Phone

Windows Phone

After playing around with Windows 10 Mobile build 10149, it looks like cellular download limits in the Windows Phone Store have been removed. That means you can download some of the bigger games and apps without having to connect to Wifi.

There also appeared to be some odd occurrences in the build. Be it missing Call History, no Glance controls, quirky Quiet Hours, or funky error messages, build 10149 had its imperfections. However, most of these quirks have fixes and 10149 remains the most stable and best performing iteration of Windows 10 Mobile yet.

An emulator build Windows 10 Mobile build 10158 gave us a peek of upcoming features, including a new Wallet, 120 FPS video, and newly-added animations.

There was also an image that circulated around the internet of a supposed display bezel for a Verizon-branded Lumia 1030. Unfortunately, the image raised more questions than it did answers.

And lastly, we took you on a tour of the new AT&T Microsoft Lumia 640 XL.

Other notable items:



Microsoft just kept on releasing and updating apps this week. Their Microsoft's Calls+ helps you manage call waiting and forwarding while Receipt Tracker helps you track your spending.

InstaNote makes fast work of note taking in meetings using audio capture. And Try Lumia helps bring new Lumia owners up to speed with Windows Phone.

As for updates, Contacts+Message Backup was updated to work without an SD card. And Windows Camera on Windows 10 Mobile can now recognize your face to help you snap the perfect selfie.

Truedialer got updated with a refreshed design and new features and WhatsApp beta scored new emojis and better message sharing options.

Nokia rolled out updates for its HERE suite of Windows Phone apps while Sygic GPS Navigation added new maps and knocked 70% off their world pack.

Autodesk Pixlr and Mint both made the jump to universal apps for Windows Phone and Windows 8.1.

Other notable items:


Game Troopers, who have become one of the most prolific game developers for Windows and Windows Phone, announced this week that their new adventure game The Last Door is headed to both in July. They were also kind enough to speak with Windows Central about their future plans for the platforms.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout for Windows Phone got updated with Xbox Live support and became free to play. The following day, its Windows 8.1 counterpart followed suit.

We also saw the official Tour de France 2015 mobile game race its way to Windows Phone.

And everyone's favorite time killer Candy Crush Saga gained entry to the Soda Swamp.

Other notable items:

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Seth Brodeur