This was another important week for Windows 10 Mobile with a new Insider build, the introduction of Microsoft Wallet, the return of an old favorite game, and a few official upgrades for some aging Lumias.

In case you missed it, we have the weeks' wrap for all things Windows phone.

1. Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile

HP's Elite X3 superphone got one step closer to an official release, passing Wi-Fi and Bluetooth certification. It shouldn't be long before we start seeing it on sale.

Microsoft Research released a video showing off one of its latest projects called uLink. The tool offers smartphone users a way to save and bookmark URLs from within other apps, whether it is for immediate use or to reference at a later time.

Insiders in the Slow ring received Windows 10 Mobile build 14367 this week, while the Fast ring folks picked up preview build 14371.

The day after build 14372 replaced it, adding a few fixes to the mix.

Verizon's Lumia Icon and AT&T's Lumia 1520 both got the official Windows 10 Mobile update, breathing new life into the two former heavyweights.

Other notable items:

2. Apps


Crunchyroll, the anime video service, is now available for Windows 10 on PC and Mobile.

Microsoft rolled out their new Windows Maps experience to all Windows 10 hardware this week, so now everyone can enjoy it. For fans of the old HERE Maps, fear not, the transition is painless.

Fast Ring Insiders picked up the new Wallet 2.0 app, complete with the new NFC Tap-to-pay feature. Be sure to check out the list of banks that currently support it, along with some others who plan to.

Some references to "WinRT" in the latest Steam update suggest that [Valve's Steam Authenticator app might be coming to Windows Phone. The app helps increase account security by generating a random code that can be used to log into your Steam account.

And Microsoft is testing a newly-designed Health app that sports a new user interface that more closely resembles its iOS and Android counterparts. The future version also includes a new "Insights" feature, which offers Microsoft Band users personalized tips on how they can improve their health based on their device and Cortana data.

Other notable items:

3. Games


Spellspire, the spelling/RPG hybrid game expanded from iOS and Android to Windows 10 Mobile.

Kiloo announced that it would be ending support for its game Subway Surfers for Windows Phone. The good news is that the endless runner made its Windows 10 Mobile debut a couple of days later.

And Crimsonland, the long-running top-down shooter for Windows, will be updated with Xbox Live support, including leaderboards and achievements.

Other notable items:

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