Nintendo Switch Sports is being sold at Walmart for $30, its lowest price ever for Black Friday

The Nintendo Switch is filled with many exciting party games where the whole family can relax and have fun together. One such title is Nintendo Switch Sports, a successor to Nintendo's Wii Sports franchise, which features a collection of entertaining sports games like soccer, tennis, bowling, volleyball, and more.

Sadly, though, Nintendo Switch games have a notorious reputation for rarely having any discounts for their MSRP at most retailers. This fact, in turn, makes this Black Friday deal an early Christmas miracle. Walmart is currently selling Nintendo Switch Sports at a 20% discount, taking its price tag down from $49.99 to $30.00, the lowest price it's ever been

Nintendo Switch Sports (Digital version) | was $49.99 now $30.00 at Walmart

Nintendo Switch Sports (Digital version) | was $49.99 now $30.00 at Walmart

Invite your family for a good ole' time playing sports games with Nintendo Switch Sports. Use your to beat the competition in various sports games including Soccer, Tennis, and even Chambera.

✅Perfect for: Parents looking to buy a collection of fun games for their little kids or to play along with them and the whole family.

❌Avoid if: You're not a fan of cutesy party games aimed at all ages or more physically demanding Nintendo Switch exercise games.

💰Price check: $49.99 at Nintendo

👀Alternative Deal: $39.99 at Best Buy

🔍Hands-on review:
Nintendo Switch Sports review: Fresh, yet familiar, and with a downside | iMore

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Why you should buy Nintendo Switch Sports

Get your adrenaline pumping with Nintendo Switch Sports' Volleyball game. (Image credit: Nintendo)

Our own Rebecca Spears reviewed Nintendo Switch Sports on our sister site iMore and described it like this: "As a party game to play with friends and family and bring a group together, this is a good pick. For those who have played this style of game before, it is familiar with just enough twists of new elements. It's easy to learn to play without being too boring for experienced players."

Going from that statement, Nintendo Switch Sports has a lot of positive qualities going for it. The motion controls via the Joy-Cons are easy to learn, the online multiplayer mode is family-friendly, and there is an ample abundance of fun sports games to partake in.

Classic sports games from previous Wii Sports titles like tennis, bowling, and sword fighting (known as Chambara in this game) return, along with new ones like soccer, volleyball, and badminton. Each of these games is a joy to play with, whether you're a beginner or a veteran sports player. In addition, you can customize your Miis with new accessories earned by playing online.

The digital version of Nintendo Switch Sports is enjoying a rare Black Friday sale at Walmart, discounting its MSRP from $49.99 to $30.00. Best Buy is also hosting a similar discount for the physical version of Nintendo Switch, bringing it down from $49.99 to $39.99.

So, if you're looking for a chill and entertaining collection of sports that both kids and adults can enjoy together on one of the best gaming handhelds, look no further on this Black Friday deal.

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