Nokia Purity Headset

Deal Alert: Save $150 on the Nokia Purity on-ear headset (US only)

Sweet mother-of-savings. This is quite the deal from the Microsoft Store if you want some new headphones. The Nokia Purity by Monster Premium on-ear headset (whew!) has been cut by $150 over at the Microsoft Store. Grab the link below and save big!

We first played with these headsets last year. Check the video below for our hands-on impression. Or just keep reading because as I’m typing this they’re on my ears. They’re a pretty good headset, I quite like them even if they can pinch your ears with extended use. The Microsoft Store is selling them for $49.99 and that’s just bonkers since they cost $199.99 when they first came out. Yeah, you could argue that they weren’t worth the price then, but it’s hard to scoff at nice pair of cans that match your phone for only $49.99. These are the wired versions of the Nokia x Monster partnership, not those fancy wireless ones.

Right now it looks like the Microsoft Store only has cyan, magenta, and white left in stock (black is sold out!). So if you want any of those colors you better buy it quick!

Source: Microsoft Store

Thanks for the tip rjbeaver!


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Deal Alert: Save $150 on the Nokia Purity on-ear headset (US only)


I'd just like to let you know that Rodney, the coolest guy on WPC, has ordered his very own cyan pair, just now, right on his phone... Thank you.. No, thank you its nothing, and thank you as well... Ohhh Lol thank you very much too sir.... I'd like to thank God, my mother, and my 5th grade computer teacher for making me the person that I am today.. Without you I would have never ordered my cyan Nokia Purity by Monster Premium On-Ear Headset for the low price of $53.99 including tax.... Oh, and thank WPC and Sam Sabri for all of their useful tips.... I'll put these headphones in the cabinet next to the ones my late father won for his role in the feature film "Pureview 2.. The Legacy of WP""
I'm gonna cry...

Why, I have everything I need here in my moms basement... I even have a mail drop, so that when my new XboxOne arrives I won't have to answer the door and talk to that scary UPS guy... You "Outside" guys think you're so cool❔ I bet you haven't seen Wanes' World as many times as I have... Lol.. My 920 is so modified with apps I made that I can turn my moms blow dryer on upstairs when she's not expecting it.. Lol❕.. It scares the living crap out her.. Hahaha,, awe man I just snorted like a pig.. Lol.. Bet you can't do that...

Uh, yeah. You can match your phone, but only if it's one of these 4 colors... black, white, pink and baby blue. No thanks! Maybe in red I'd put up with "eventual ear pinching" but for now, I'll look for something more comfortable.

Give your local store and call and see if they will. You might be able to find a color that's sold out online that way. 

Yeah, but you didn't get them for $53.99.. Hahaha❕.. For I am KING❕ all hale to king purity❕ Bow down because you are all not worthy of me.. Hahahahahahahaha❕❕

Better late than never. Surprised these are still in stock as this was going on yesterday too. The Bluetooth speakers were this price yesterday as well...

Got 2 pairs of black before they sold out. Gonna flip one on amazon, use the other. Cyan was $79.99 before black sold out, now it looks like they lowered it to $49.99

Mine arrived yesterday.  They sound great!  And I love the Cyan matching my phone.  It definitely made me remove my phone from the case.

They are awful sounding headphones. I have the red one. Just awful. I won the new wireless purity headset at the 1020 party but haven't tried them yet. I am cautiously optimistic

Uh uhhhh.. You the one who be ugly❕.. Yo shoes is ugly, look at yo big old head❕ Yo toes is ugly.. Ain't no Nokia Purity Headset be ugly.. You be ugly.. You Ugly like deem ugly fish, with deem ugly eyes, is what you be ugly like.. Izz not be lookin ugly wif my new headphones❕... You bessa take it back or Ima whip you big ol butt..

Hopefully Nokia makes a tablet that accepts volume and skip controls from this headset. Hate I can't use them with my surface at the moment.

Really, works on my Windows 8 PC?

ETA: Never Mind, I think it was my Purity Pros that worked with that.

This is crap! I just ordered a pair Saturday (arriving today via ups) and did not get the discount. Typical!

I just went back to the site. Black is there. I called it up from my 920, and got the email confirmation. That's odd if you see them as out of stock.

im glad i check this website like every 30 minutes for new developments. even on slow weekends. (even though I have my notifications enabled on my app, i may be addicted to wp news) and just bought the cyan and magenta ones. score!!!

US only❔.... Down with America❕.. I will move back to my country ASAP❕... I hate all of you❕.....

if they put up the 'fancy wireless ones' on a deal too imma have to buy those too and give these as a gift to someone lol

First, cool it with the clip art. It comes with two in line quarter inch cables. On is for music, because it has the in line controller for Nokia WP devices. The other cable cuts out all bass for what ever reason. MSstore tried telling me it was a cable for voice only....which makes zero sense because a cable that filters out sound ranges is expensive....why would we need this?

Had a pair of black ones in the cart and ready to check out and the site kept throwing an error when I submitted the order.
Called and it turns out that it was becasue they were out of stock.  Must have happened between me adding it and finalizing the order.  Ah well.

Same place the Microsoft store. They hide it by putting the black set up front at $99. If you click on the black pair and change the color to white or cyan the price drops to $39.

Damn! I bought the cyan from Microsoft within the week prior to 4th of July for $99.99 thinking I got them for a steal at 50% off! If I had just waited a little over a couple of weeks. Lucky bastards getting it now!
Question for anyone who has them: The two cables they come with; one with microphone and controls and other only mic. Do both your cables work with everything you plug them into? I primarily use my iPod classic for all my headphone music listening and found the cable without controls doesn't work sound-wise with either my MacBook Pro or iPod, but fine with L920. The cable with controls works with everything. To clarify, I get sound, but it's as if the jack isn't fully plugged in on the iPod.
Can someone verify whether this is a design trait or is my mic only cable a dud.
Also, the headphones although look brand new out of the box, have a strong smell like they were heavily used by a chain smoker for a week as product testing.

I am one of those luck bastards, and yes, I have been pathetically bragging about them for the last hour, or so.. LOL❕

Just picked up a Cyan and a White. The white keeps going in and out of stock. There is some wonkyness going on with the store. I have 2 confirmed for white, one for cyan. I placed two more, but got some weird message that wasn't a receipt but said they would inform me of the result of the I may have a few more on the way too...oops.

Why are the cyan, & white in-ear headphones so cheap? 39.00. And the black, red $99.00 Are they refurbished or something. Doesn't make sense.

Damn...some great deals lately. I got the JBL Power up speaker for 1/2 price a few weeks ago and couldn't pass up this steal. Wanted black or white purity headphones but they were out. Got Cyan to match my 920.

3 hours ago - black ones and white ones were sold out, ddin't mind the cyan. went to check out thru paypal, kept kicking me back to the Microsoft store. did a live chat with the microsoft store support, no help. now checking back and see that a lot of you guys are still getting them, so tried again just now. same problem still. what's wrong?? i live in the US.

Call them !!!!!! That's what I did they actually told me they ran out of all of colors because of heavy traffic the updating was slow. But she said since I called I will get it for the same price as the sale once they get more in stock.

Don't use safari, I had some issues much like you describe using that browser, switched to chrome, and got a pair right away.

They are the not the best headphones. I bought one when i purchased my Lumia. I tried wearing them at work but they are so uncomfortable that i couldn't wear them for more than 30 minutes at a stretch. And they hurt my ear like crazy. I also dont like the sound response. It has too much bass. The clarity of music is lost. I have a black one lying around. I want to throw them away. I am now happy with my Bose headphones.

I picked up a cyan pair yesterday, it pays to follow Sam and WPC on twitter. Or actually, wait, I paid MS but everyone wins. I get sweet cans at good deal, MS gets my money, and WPC gets traffic hit and credit for the assist. Like Michael Scott said, this is a win-win-win.

Boo.  Just tried to purchase the black version, and even though the "Add to cart" button is there and green, they are still out of stock.  :(

2 Cyans ordered Tuesday, delivered today. Listening to Nokia Music+ right now. Sounds great to me, but I'm not a big music guy so take my opinion with a grain of salt.