The latest console generation had a slow start, with Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 still being hard to find in late 2021 amid ongoing hardware shortages. You shouldn't expect any major Cyber Monday deals on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles this year, especially with each in limited supply, beyond odd restocks throughout the week.

This stock-hunting charade is probably familiar to anyone who has purchased big-ticket electronics in the past two years. Console demand remains high, and with scarce availability expected into 2023, don't expect that to change anytime soon. It makes Microsoft's alternate Xbox Series S increasingly lucrative, granting full access to the new console generation, also just a fraction of the price.

While Xbox Series S consoles aren't sitting on shelves en masse, you'll have a much easier time getting hands on one compared to Xbox Series X. We also don't expect Xbox Series S to receive a Cyber Monday price cut, but this Xbox console bundle is the closest yet. The special edition package includes Fortnite and Rocket League DLC, providing small savings ahead of the holidays.

The Xbox Series S Fortnite and Rocket League bundle has already sold out at some retailers, but you can now pick up the device at Microsoft for $299.99.

Fortnite and Rocket League Xbox Series S bundle on sale

Xbox Series S Fortnite Rocket League Bundle

Grab the new Xbox Series S bundle at Microsoft

While Xbox Series X remains impossible to track down, you might be able to score the more affordable Xbox Series S. It plays the same next-generation games as Xbox Series X, albeit better suited to HD gaming rather than 4K resolution. It's also missing a disc drive, making this perfect for Xbox Game Pass and digital gaming. Microsoft currently has stocked the first official Xbox Series S bundle, bundling Fortnite and Rocket League bonuses at no additional cost.

$299.99 at Microsoft

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The Xbox Series S shares a lot with Microsoft's Xbox Series X. It runs all Xbox games, is compatible with the same accessories, and supports next-generation features. It shares a similar processor to Xbox Series X, with high-speed SSD storage for reduced load times and bandwidth for more complex video game worlds. It also plays Xbox Series X|S exclusives like Microsoft Flight Simulator, plus future Xbox releases that won't support Xbox One consoles.

That $200 saving essentially boils down to scaled-back hardware, designed to target HD gaming rather than full-fledged 4K. Raw performance clocks in below Xbox Series X and PS5, with hardware supporting the same experiences, albeit at a lower resolution. The console also has a smaller 512GB SSD and ditches the optical disc drive, making this best for Xbox Game Pass and digital games. However, you can expand Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S storage down the line.

The Xbox Series S might not suit those who demand bleeding-edge 4K visuals, but it's ideal for those who want a future-proofed console for years to come with a lower entry cost. We recommend it to kids or casual gamers who want to play all the newest Xbox games on the latest Xbox consoles. Xbox Series X availability doesn't look set to improve any time soon; the Xbox Series S might be your best bet this Cyber Monday.

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