Nokia Purity Headset

Sweet mother-of-savings. This is quite the deal from the Microsoft Store if you want some new headphones. The Nokia Purity by Monster Premium on-ear headset (whew!) has been cut by $150 over at the Microsoft Store. Grab the link below and save big!

We first played with these headsets last year. Check the video below for our hands-on impression. Or just keep reading because as I’m typing this they’re on my ears. They’re a pretty good headset, I quite like them even if they can pinch your ears with extended use. The Microsoft Store is selling them for $49.99 and that’s just bonkers since they cost $199.99 when they first came out. Yeah, you could argue that they weren’t worth the price then, but it’s hard to scoff at nice pair of cans that match your phone for only $49.99. These are the wired versions of the Nokia x Monster partnership, not those fancy wireless ones.

Right now it looks like the Microsoft Store only has cyan, magenta, and white left in stock (black is sold out!). So if you want any of those colors you better buy it quick!

Source: Microsoft Store

Thanks for the tip rjbeaver!

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