ICYMI: August 1, 2015

A lot can happen in a week. Seven days might not seem like much, but it can be an eternity in the tech news cycle.

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Windows 10

Windows 10 is here at last! All around the globe, PCs everywhere started getting the upgrade as soon as it struck midnight on July 29. Additionally, Microsoft released the official Windows 10 ISO files so people could begin installing Windows 10 on their own.

Microsoft even managed to finalize a 1GB day one patch for Windows 10.

Within 24 hours of its launch, more than 14 million devices were running the new operating system. That number has since climbed to over 67 million PCs.

Despite projections and fears that the Windows 10 rollout would break the internet, it turns out that Microsoft's plan to release it in waves eased the burden on ISPs and CDNs, preventing the tubes from clogging.

There are some people who have run into trouble reserving their free upgrade. If you are one of those unfortunate souls, you should check this out.

Others who were able to reserve their copy still haven't received their upgrade. Fortunately, there is a way to manually trigger the update.

Windows Central is here to help with our guides on how to prepare your PC for the upgrade and how to make the move from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

We are your one-stop shop for all the Windows 10 help, tips and tricks you need.

Still skittish about upgrading? Check out our mammoth Windows 10 Review to see what's in store. And make sure you know what issues other users are experiencing on Windows 10.

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While the world was busy installing Windows 10, it was business as usual this week for Microsoft. They continued the changing of the musical guard, with the launch of the Groove music service in place of Microsoft's Xbox Music website. The rebranding effort also extended to Xbox One with Groove Music replacing Xbox Music.

Speaking of Xbox, Xbox chief Phil Spencer revealed in an interview that Microsoft is working on a feature that will let users stream PC games from Windows 10 to the their consoles. No timetable was given for a release, but it's exciting to know that it's in the pipeline.

There was also news on the Microsoft Office front. Tablet users can now get the official version of the Office Mobile apps for Windows 10. It was also confirmed that Office 2016 will be heading to Windows desktops in September.

Microsoft scored a win against Google in the courts when an appeals judge sided with them in a patent dispute. The decision lowers the licensing fees associated with manufacturing certain devices and could lead to better pricing for consumers.

And finally, Windows Insider head Gabe Aul, looks to have been rewarded for his phenomenal work he did with the Windows 10 preview program. Aul has been named Vice President of Engineering Systems for the Windows and Devices group at Microsoft. Congrats, Gabe!

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In other news, Samsung introduced their latest monitor. The SE370 is a full-HD monitor that is certified for Windows 10 and sports a built-in Qi wireless charging area in the stand. The monitor is due out by the end of the year in 23.6-inch and 27-inch sizes.

Qualcomm says that they have perfected the art of wireless charging on smartphones with metal exteriors. The method leverages Qualcomm's WiPower technology and hopes to open up the world of wireless charging to more devices.

Is it a soccer ball or a Star Wars droid? It turns out it's neither. Nokia's OZO is a virtual reality camera that "captures stereoscopic 3D video through eight (8) synchronized global shutter sensors and spatial audio through eight (8) integrated microphones." The camera is currently being marketed to professional content creators, rather than everyday consumers.

With the new Windows 10-geared version of their Firefox browser in beta-testing, Mozilla accused Microsoft of making it harder to change the default web browser in their new OS. They claim that "it now requires more than twice the number of mouse clicks, more scrolling through content and a more focused effort to reassert a choice they had previously made in earlier versions of Windows," going so far as to posting a video of the process.

Windows Central teamed up with browser developer Opera in a new giveaway. Be sure to enter for your chance to win a Lumia 1520 or Surface 3!

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Seth Brodeur
  • I finally got Windows 10 and it's amazing!
  • yep
  • Yeah it was worth the hype!
  • Can't wait to have this type of news, but regarding Windows Mobile
  • can i get that background?
  • I am helping my friend upgrading to windows 10 right now XD. I already upgraded and having fun with it. Can't stop using pc lolz.
  • When is the next build for mobile coming?
  • I really don't know, hopefully soon.
  • I have been living with Windows 10 for a couple of days now and it is pretty BROKEN
    It is Incompatible with Nvidia Graphics Drivers and updates and my SSD keeps getting a ‘Watchdog’ error that it never had under Win7. After I turned on my Computer this morning, I heard an ‘Error’ sound while I was getting coffee and for reasons unknown I now have no start Menu and Edge will not Launch and Cortana is just GONE – so I am waiting for the next PATCH to have a functional computer again
  • Sorry to hear you're having so much trouble. I had difficulties with the Nvidia driver as well, until I figured that I had to uninstall all previous Nvidia drivers from my computer before installing the new ones. That worked on Win 8.1.
  • I like Win 10 very very much!!!!!! But pls MS release the big Update-Pack... I don't like any errors... and I want a system which runs round ;)   And at AMD: Pls release a driver which runs stable ;) at least when the system starts up ;)
  • This isn't an AMD issue, it's a Windows issue and part of the effect of Forced Driver Updates.  Basically, AMD has new drivers for Chipsets and Graphics available on their website directly from them.  The Drivers in Windows Update are older drivers.  The whole point of updating drivers is to stabilize the system and provide fixes.  When you install the drivers from AMD's site, your system is only up to day until Windows Update literally replaces them with Windows Update Drivers.  If you have an AMD system, your system is likely running (out of date) Windows Update drivers, which are behind the latest AMD Drivers.  In order to fix the issue: Turn my WiFi Off - If you do not, Windows Update will continue to install the old drivers it has. It will do this even while you're installing the newer drivers, completely breaking the installation process and screwing up everything. Uninstall the Windows Update Drivers via Add/Remove Programs Go to Device Manager and Uninstall the AMD Graphics Device - Selecting Delete Driver Files Go to Program Files and Program Files (x86) directory and delete all the AMD and ATI Directories. Windows Update installs older ATI Drivers, AMD Gives you AMD Drivers. The two conflict with each other and if you install the AMD Drivers over the ATI Drivers often you end up with remnants that cause issues. Reboot Run CCleaner Registry and Disk Cleaner (Clean All Temp Files, not just the 1 Day or Older ones) - Run the Registry Cleaner until it finds no errors. Fix all of them. Install the AMD Chipset Drivers Install the AMD Graphics Drivers + Catalyst Control Center (7 & 8 are different packages from AMD's website, since some people use AMD Graphics Cards without an AMD APU or CPU Chipset. So, you may be able to skip #7). Reboot Turn Wifi On... [HOPE for dear life that Windows Update doesn't download and install the old/broken drivers it has before I can] Use their stupid tool to go in and Hide the Graphics Driver update.
  • Thanks a lot... I think now my 15.7.1 works :)   -> I used also DDU-Tool -> http://www.chip.de/downloads/Display-Driver-Uninstaller-DDU_65992840.html    Thanks folks ;)
  • New beginnings!
  • I am still trying to get used to windows 10, My experience with the Windows Central app leaves a lot to be desired I dislike the 3 adds that interfere with the user experience, Give us an option to get a paid version please, Until then i will just stick to the full version. 
  • I hope you guys are happy that Microsoft has turned its OSes into the biggest data mining operation on the planet.  Windows 10 Collects more data and shares more crap to random Outlook.com/Skype Contacts than anything Google or Facebook has ever developed. Going to be the Last Windows I use, and only until I replace my laptop with a MBA. I didn't think any company was bold enough to do what they have done in this Operating System. Everything is turned on by default (most of it you have to Opt-Out after the entire installation is done).  There are Privacy Security Settings peckered within Apps, Across Two different Control Panels, and in over a dozen different sections of those Control Panels (combining the two). Windows Update is a Driver Management Nightmare. This is not a realistic price to pay just to get a Start Menu and no stupid full screen Start Screen adn Full Screen apps giving you seizures as you use your system in an upgrade. But hey, you guys think it's amazing, so it must be.  Last week you guys were probably yelling about how Android, Chrome, Facebook, etc. mine your data and violates your privacy as well... The hypocrisy is delicious. Microsoft Scroogled their entire user base with this release.
  • And all of this can be disabled before even installing the operating system, they specifically leave an entire step of the installation process to allowing customers to tailor their install, clearly explaining what feature requires data from the consumer to be uploaded, don't like it, turn off those features.
  • Microsoft doesn't allow you to turn off the data collection unless you're running an Enterprise Edition of Windows. Sometimes it's good to have a clue, that way you don't waste space with worthless comments. I'm getting a MBA in a couple weeks.  I was holding off cause I had high hopes for Windows 10 (since I already have an iMac and iPhone, and generally like to diversify), but they took this too far.
  • Great! Enjoy your MBA... (glad that's over)    
  • I love Windows 10. Its amazing! I love the Xbox One streaming side of it, so I won't have to worry about syncing over all of my stuff. I have A LOT of stuff on my Xbox One. And with my standard broadband (which I don't know why it isn't in my area yet), it takes forever to get ONE game all synched over to another Xbox One! Now all I'm waiting for is Windows 10 Mobile!