The Samsung HMD Odyssey+ Windows mixed reality headset is down to $229.99 at Dell. This price is matching a sale through Samsung's website. We saw it drop this low briefly last week, but it sold out quickly. We expect this deal won't last long either. The next best price is $342 on Amazon, but most retailers like Best Buy and B&H sell it for around $500. Either way, the drop to $230 is a huge drop in price.

Great Price

Samsung HMD Odyssey+ Windows mixed reality headset with controllers Dell

Excellent intro to VR if you can't afford more expensive options. 3K AMOLED display with 2880 x 1600 resolution and 110-degree field of view. Easy setup and inside-out tracking so you don't need extra equipment. Works with Windows store and Steam.

$229.99 $500.00 $270 off

The deal given is no longer valid and we do not have a better one. However, we have found some similar deals

The headset comes with two wireless controllers. As long as you have a PC powerful enough to use it, the Samsung mixed reality headset comes with everything you need to get started in virtual worlds. It works really well with Windows and will work pretty much right outside the box. Given the price today, I'd even venture to say this is your best foot in the door to virtual reality if you can't afford the more expensive models out there right now like the Oculus Rift S or Vive Index.

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The headset uses inside-out tracking so you don't need additional tracking equipment. It comes with 3K AMOLED displays and a wide 110-degree field of view, built-in AKG headphones with 360-degree spatial sound, and a mic The adjustable headband has 10% lighter materials than the previous generation. You can even take a look at your surroundings in the real world by activating the built-in flashlight on the shortcut menu.

Need some games? All the Windows Mixed Reality games at the Microsoft Store should work with the Odyssey+. Check out the Windows Central roundup of some of the best games available and go nuts! You can also use games in SteamVR with Windows Mixed Reality, so there are dozens of possibilities for you to choose from. You're going to get lost in a whole new set of worlds thanks to your new headset.

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