All the important Microsoft news stories for July 2, 2016

Microsoft gets sued, there are now 350 million users of Windows 10, and we get a date for the Anniversary Update. In addition, it looks like a Surface all-in-one could happen sometime later this year or, more likely, early 2017.

If you missed the week in Microsoft news here is our roundup of all the major stories.



After a rash of complaints, and at least one lawsuit, over Microsoft approach to getting customers to upgrade to Windows 10, the company has decided to change their tactics. Customers on older versions of Windows will now be given three options: upgrade now, schedule an upgrade, or decline the free upgrade altogether.

In this final month of the free offer, Microsoft will use a full-screen prompt to drive the point home.

Insiders in the Release Preview ring were able to upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile build 10586.456, delivering a handful of fixes and improvements.

Meanwhile, build 14372 went out to the Slow ring and the Fast ring got preview build 14376.

Microsoft announced that they will no longer be including the previously-announced "Messaging Everywhere feature" in this summer's Anniversary Update, choosing instead to scrap the Messaging app and work on incorporating it into Skype at a later time.

And speaking of the Anniversary Update, it's official; the big day is August 2nd. A Microsoft blog post accidentally spilled the beans, but a day later, Redmond confirmed.

With Anniversary builds already available via the Windows Insider Program, the question is should you upgrade now or wait until August?

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The Microsoft Band 2 picked up a firmware update, although no details were given on exactly what it included.

Microsoft has decided to discontinue Xbox Fitness feature over the next year. Current users can no longer purchase new content, but they will still be able to use what they have until June 30, 2017.

The company is doing a little bit of backpedaling on another feature that they said they were discontinuing. When asked about the recently-cancelled TV DVR in an interview with GameSpot, Xbox general manager Dave McCarthy said he "wouldn't rule it out entirely." McCarthy stated that they are constantly evaluating customer feedback and that if enough people requested it, we could see and Xbox One TV DVR in the future.

Details on the Xbox Anniversary Update were confirmed ahead of the August 2 rollout. Some of the marquee features to expect are Language Region Independence, support for background music, Cortana, and the new Xbox Play Anywhere program, which will allow you to play some of your games on both your game console and your Windows 10 PC.

The Xbox Play Anywhere program will officially launch on September 13 with the release of ReCore.

And it looks like Microsoft may be bringing back an iteration of the PixelSense table-PC as an all-in-one Surface for your living room. However, French company Kineti beat them to the punch, unveiling their own 42-inch touchscreen PC built in a coffee table.

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SanDisk announced two new 256GB microSD cards, including the Extreme microSDXC UHS-I card, which promises transfer speeds as fast as 100MB/s. The regular chip will hit shelves in August for $150, and the Extreme is due out later this year for $200.

Dell unveiled a new 70-inch touchscreen monitor intended to replace the whiteboards in schools and businesses. The 1920x1080 is designed to work with Windows 10 PCs and will run you about $5000.

Facebook will be implementing changes to the News Feed that are designed to prioritize posts by the people you hold most dear. The idea is to raise photos, videos, status updates by close friends to the top of the feed so you don't miss those moments.

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