This Dell XPS Desktop deal brings RTX 4090 gaming power and prebuilt PC comfort

Between 4th of July sales and Amazon Prime Day coming up, July has turned into a great time to purchase a PC. Retailers across the board are cutting prices on the best Windows PCs, including Dell. Right now, you can pick up a Dell XPS Desktop for up to $600 off.

The XPS Desktop is a prebuilt PC that's available in a wide range of configurations. You can choose entry-level specs for general productivity or pack it with the latest from Intel and NVIDIA for gaming or professional creative work.

Dell XPS Desktop | $1,900 now $1,450 at Dell

Dell XPS Desktop | $1,900 now $1,450 at Dell

The Dell XPS Desktop is an excellent PC that packs a lot of power for its price. Prices start at $650, but the sweet spot for many will be the $1,450 model with a 12th Gen Intel Core i7 and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti.

If you need to max out your specs for creative work or gaming, the version with a 13th Gen Intel Core i9 and an NVIDIA RTX 4090 is on sale for $600 off, bringing its price to $3,250.

Entry-level | Mid-range | High-end

There are plenty of Dell XPS Desktop deals going on right now. Prices start at $650 and scale up as you choose more powerful internals and better specs. Discounts range from $100 to $600 off depending on the model you choose.

While the exact Dell XPS Desktop you need will vary depending on what you need to do with the PC, a good starting point is the model with a 12th Gen Intel Core i7-12700 processor and an NVIDIA RTX 3060 Ti that's currently on sale for $450 off. That brings the price to $1,450.

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It also includes 32GB of DDR5 RAM and 512GB of storage. That memory figure is particularly important because thanks to current discounts, the model with 32GB of RAM is only $50 more than an otherwise identical model with 16GB of RAM.

If you need a more powerful PC, the best deal on the high-end Dell XPS Desktop saves you $600 on the version with a 13th Gen Intel Core i9-13900 and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090. Those are top-of-the-line specs that should crush creative tasks and handle the best PC games.

The Dell XPS Desktop is expandable as well, so you can purchase one now and swap out its internals for better parts in the future.

In our Dell XPS Desktop review, our Zachary Boddy spoke highly of the PC:

"The Dell XPS Desktop (8960) is a phenomenal machine, full stop. It excels at productivity, creation, at gaming, and everything else you can throw at it. There are more impressive computers in a variety of aspects, especially hardware design, but the XPS Desktop isn't out to be the flashiest tower PC out there — it's a tool, albeit a very powerful and expensive one, and it's meant to do its job."

One of the only cons Boddy listed for the XPS Desktop was its high price tag. While it's not a cheap PC, its current discounts make it more affordable.

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