The Samsung HMD Odyssey+ Windows Mixed Reality headset with two wireless controllers is down to $299.99 on Amazon. That's a price match of Microsoft and B&H. This is a rare low price we've only seen once or twice before. Considering the Odyssey+ is selling out most places these days, it's not a deal we expect to last very long.

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Samsung HMD Odyssey+ mixed reality headset

This version of Samsung's mixed reality has been disappearing from shelves recently. It's rare to see it in stock, and even more rare to see it discounted. Grab one while you have the chance.

$299.99 $500 $200 Off

As long as you have a PC powerful enough to use it, the Samsung mixed reality headset comes with everything you need to get started in virtual worlds. It works really well with Windows and will work pretty much right outside the box. The headset uses inside-out tracking so you don't need additional tracking equipment. It comes with 3K AMOLED displays and a wide 110-degree field of view, built-in AKG headphones with 360-degree spatial sound, and a mic. It uses an adjustable headband and has 10% lighter materials than the previous generation.

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