Xbox Game Pass is a service providing access to hundreds of Xbox games for a relatively low monthly fee. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is the next level of that, bundling together Xbox Game Pass for console, Xbox Game Pass for PC, Xbox Live Gold for multiplayer, and Xbox Cloud Gaming, letting you take all of those console games mobile. One of the best Cyber Monday Xbox deals we've seen so far concerning Xbox Game Pass can still be found but not for long.

Do note, these codes stack up to three years of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate onto your account, for each 3 month card purchased.

Update: The deal is LIVE AGAIN this time over at Amazon for Cyber Monday!

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Save $20: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gives you access to over three hundred high-quality games on Xbox consoles, PC, and via the cloud on mobile devices. Through Cyber Monday, you can net yourself a decent saving on both digital codes and physical cards, ideal for gifts this holiday season at various retailers.

$24.99 (was $45) at Amazon

Xbox Game Pass has been an amazing service since its launch a few years ago, and has only gotten better. Microsoft has its entire catalog in there, guaranteed, featuring heavy hitters like Forza Horizon, Halo, Gears of War, Flight Simulator, Age of Empires, and much more. Since picking up Bethesda, Microsoft has also included DOOM, Skyrim, Fallout, and all of Bethesda's illustrious back catalog too. EA also joined the party, including its own EA Play subscription service and adding some of their back catalog titles featuring games like Jedi Fallen Order, Dragon Age, and Mass Effect.

GameSir X2Source: Windows Central

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate factors in a mountain of PC games too, from the biggest AAA blockbusters to indie darlings, such as Hades. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate also gives you access to Microsoft's full cloud gaming platform, letting you take the entire catalog on the go on Android devices natively, or via the web from on iOS devices. Many games also include touch controls, but various companies are offering gamepad solutions too, such as the GameSir X2 and the Razer Kishi (both of which are discounted for Black Friday, by the way).

Whether you're buying a digital code for yourself or a physical card to gift someone this holiday, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is a great service, and this deal from various retailers for Cyber Monday is among the best ways to get involved right now.

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