Best Cyber Monday Xbox Series X, S console deals

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Xbox Series X|S deals.
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Microsoft's latest and greatest consoles, the Xbox Series X|S duo, are continuing to provide unforgettable gaming experiences to millions. For Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the Xbox Series S is enjoying serious deals and plenty of availability, while there are more opportunities to purchase an Xbox Series X of your very own. These are the very best of each that Windows Central has found.

The Xbox Series S is the most affordable current-gen gaming console, designed by Microsoft to be the perfect device for casual gamers, children, those looking for a budget entry to the latest Xbox ecosystem, and more. It targets 1080p-1440p gaming at up to 120 FPS, and supports a vast catalog of incredible Xbox titles across Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and even original Xbox games.

It only sports 512GB of internal storage, but that can be easily expanded with one of the best Xbox external SSDs and hard drives. It also doesn't include an optical disc drive, relying solely on digital games, but the Xbox Series S does pair perfectly with Xbox Game Pass, which grants you access to hundreds of amazing games for one low monthly cost. Its svelte design makes it easy to slot into any gaming setup.

All-in-all, the Xbox Series S is by far one of the best big gaming gifts of 2022, especially considering the truly ridiculous sales and discounts it has enjoyed for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Some of these deals have already passed, but there are still plenty of ways to get your hands on the wonderful Xbox Series S. Here are the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for the Xbox Series S.

Xbox Series S + $40 Amazon credit $340

Xbox Series S + $40 Amazon credit $340 $239.99 at Amazon with code XBOX

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the Xbox Series S is an even more affordable entry into the best generation of gaming yet. Right now, Woot still has the lowest price at only $219.99, but Amazon is selling the Series S at $239.99 and throwing in $40 in Amazon credit.

Other Xbox Series S deals: $219.99 at Woot | $239.99 at Microsoft | $239.99 at Best Buy | $18.74/month at Verizon with Xbox All Access | $229.99 at Dell (refurbished) | $249.99 at Target + $50 Target gift card (low stock)

The Xbox Series X is Microsoft's flagship gaming console, and is currently the most powerful current-gen console you can buy. The Xbox Series X is packed with powerful and advanced hardware to play the latest and greatest Xbox games at up to 4K and 120 FPS. It also features an easily expandable 1TB of SSD storage and a 4K Blu-Ray optical disc drive, letting you store plenty of games and play physical games.

It's easy to compare the Xbox Series X to the Series S, but both are true current-gen consoles with access to the same awesome games, and Xbox Game Pass. The Series X simply throws a lot more power at your games, letting you enjoy higher resolutions, higher framerates, and higher visual settings. If you want the best of the best, the Series X is the way to go.

It's also $200 more expensive than the Series S, though, and the Series X isn't as likely to see any great deals or discounts for Black Friday or Cyber Monday. That's because demand for the Series X is still higher than supply can keep up. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can get your hands on a Series X at its retail price, without turning to the armies of scalpers online who will happily sell you an Xbox Series X for far more than retail. Verizon is also offering both the Series X and S consoles through Xbox All Access, which finances the console and 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, with $150 in total savings.

Xbox Series X $499.99 at Microsoft

Xbox Series X $499.99 at Microsoft

The Xbox Series X is the most sought after current-gen Xbox console due to its undeniable power and quality, but it's also the hardest to find in stock. Fortunately, there are a few places you can find a Series X for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, most notably at Microsoft (with an optional bundle) and Best Buy.

Other Xbox Series X deals: $499.99 at Best Buy (Xbox All Access available) | $469.99 at Microsoft (refurbished) | $28.74/month at Verizon with Xbox All Access | $499 at Amazon (stock invitation request)

Best Cyber Monday Xbox Series X|S console deals

 Gaming headsets: Best Buy | Walmart | Amazon | Razer | Dell 

If you had to choose just one of the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Xbox deals on which to drop your cash, it just might have to be the Xbox Series S, which is seeing some of the most impressive and hard-to-resist discounts of the year. Those savings can go toward sweet accessories for your new console, like one of the best Xbox headsets on sale during Cyber Monday.

Alternatively, you can a new controller to the one that comes in the box, as there are plenty of awesome Xbox controllers enjoying discounts for Cyber Monday. Windows Central has been searching every corner of the internet for the actually good deals and savings on everything relevant to Xbox and PC gaming, so you can be certain you're actually saving money and getting a good product to boot. Yes, that even includes some of the best Cyber Monday TV deals for Xbox gaming.

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