ICYMI: December 20, 2014

A lot can happen in a week. New apps join the Windows Phone Store or Windows Store. Your favorite apps can get a big update with a new look or new features. Device rumors come and go. Seven days might not seem like much, but it can be an eternity in the tech news cycle. Every week we're going to compile the biggest stories into one post, so you never fall behind – In Case You Missed It.

Windows Phone

Lumia Denim

  • Lumia Denim update starts rolling out to Lumia 520, 720, 1320 and more in China [Read]
  • Microsoft launches Lumia 638 in India; to be available exclusively on Amazon [Read]
  • Sprint to once again support Microsoft and Windows Phone with the Lumia 635 [Read]
  • See how the Lumia 735 allows you to capture more of Victoria Falls [Read]
  • Here's the current list of smartphones with the Lumia Denim update (so far) in Europe [Read]
  • Verizon announces Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 to Lumia 928, Lumia 822 [Read]
  • Here's the current list of smartphones with the Lumia Denim update (so far) in Asia [Read]
  • Here's the current list of smartphones with the Lumia Denim update in Africa and the Middle East [Read]
  • Here's the what and where (so far) on the Lumia Denim update in Latin America [Read]
  • Microsoft makes the Lumia Denim update official with wider rollout in early January [Read]

Microsoft + Windows

Windows 10

  • Microsoft's 'Arcadia' team is reportedly working on game and app streaming technology [Read]
  • Windows 10 build 9901 leaks out with Cortana, new Xbox app [Read]
  • The Skype Translator preview program has begun [Read]
  • Apple, Amazon and more tech companies support Microsoft's email privacy stance in court [Read]
  • Windows App Studio adds support for importing TouchDevelop games and apps [Read]
  • Microsoft says there are 450,000 'highly active' Windows 10 preview users [Read]
  • LINE buys MixRadio from Microsoft, vows to continue streaming music service [Read]



  • Netflix 4.0 for Windows Phone gets Cortana integration, new user experience and more! [Read / Download]
  • Lumia Storyteller 4.0 gets massive UI overhaul, spinning globe and online sharing [Read / Download]
  • Shazam for Windows Phone gets a big update with a new design and more [Read / Download]
  • Gestures Beta allows you to interact with your Windows Phone in an entirely new way [Read / Download]
  • Lyric app musiXmatch gains Cortana integration in new update for Windows Phone [Read / Download]
  • Flipboard for Windows Phone grabs 512 MB support, native controls and notifications [Read / Download]
  • Top 5 Christmas Apps for Windows 8.1 [Read]
  • Xim from Microsoft Research now shares photos with Xbox One [Read / Download]


Angry Birds Stella

  • Angry Birds Stella slingshots on to Windows Phone with Xbox support [Read / Download]
  • Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War for Windows Phone now available for free from Gameloft [Read / Download]
  • Order & Chaos Online gets new features and goes free on Windows Phone [Read / Download]
  • Order & Chaos Online jumps from Phone to Windows 8.1 with Xbox LIVE [Read / Download]
  • Hit the slopes with Snowboard Party for Windows Phone and Windows 8 [Read / Download]
  • Soccer Runner is an endless running game for football fans [Read / Download]
  • Here's your first look at the future of SongArc and details on joining the beta [Read]


Halo 5

  • Exclusive: Onigiri, the Xbox One's first MMO coming to North America and Europe in 2015 [Read]
  • Classic world domination game Risk makes its Xbox One debut for $14.99 [Read / Download (opens in new tab)]
  • Xbox One owners can check out the open beta for Evolve starting Jan. 15 [Read]
  • Minecraft: Story Mode coming out in 2015 from Telltale Games and Mojang [Read]
  • Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer beta six-part documentary series starts tonight [Read]
  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection offers freebies to make up for mistakes [DAMN RIGHT]
  • Pandora, Vevo, Bravo and Telemundo Xbox One apps launched [Read]



  • Weekly photo contest: Holidays [Enter]
  • Check out our brand new best phones guides! [Read]
  • T-Mobile Un-carrier 8 gives you rollover data with Data Stash [Read]

12 Days of Hidden Gems

Hidden Gems

  • How to participate in the 12 Days of Hidden Gems sweepstakes [Read]
  • Misfit Shine [Enter Day One]
  • Wellograph Wellness Watch [Enter Day Two]
  • Fitbit Charge [Enter Day Three]
  • SmartThings [Enter Day Four]
  • NOAA Hi-Def Radar and Hilton HHonors [Enter Day Five]

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Share your thoughts on this past week of Windows Phone, Windows, Xbox and Microsoft news!

  • What a busy week for Windows Phone, Windows, Xbox and Microsoft! On the Windows Phone front, I'm especially happy about new app/game releases and big updates for popular apps. Good way to end 2014!
  • Absolutely!! I am very much enjoying all these new apps and games. I feel that Windows Phone has filled its "app gap", what do you think?
  • Not pretty much,no....
    Absolutely not!
    I was gonna write down the apps missing but the list is toooo looong!
  • Lol yeh, there are sometimes I remember some apps I wish were here but I don't remember any at the moment haha
  • app gap is getting filed but timely updates of apps is a problm
  • Very small shooter game brothers in arms 3 not support on 512 mb ram devices.
    512mb ram windows phone devices not support any shooter game of gameloft. Every time I wait for gameloft shooter game for 512mb ram devices but every time Microsoft only release 1gb ram device supported gameloft games. Only Microsoft release all gamelofts asphalt games for 512mb ram devices. Otherwise no any action and shooter gameloft game for 512mb ram devices. I am very disappointed on the problems.
  • No helicopter looking for the murder....it was a good week
  • Please bring 1mobilemarket on WP 8.1, or at least make the quality of apps same as in android and ioS, common apps like whatsapp, FBmessanger, viber etc
  • Waitimg for Data Transfer apps like "Xender" in android platforms,
    Data Transfer category is also to be filled yet... "Easy Transfer" is an app which nobody uses in my circle...
  • I'm very happy about the WP and W10 stuff.
  • Im just waiting to hear some WP20 news............
  • Slow down, some poor people are still waiting for Cyan.
  • Im glad you guys have these posts cause I missed the post about the Pandora app on Xbox One. Thanks for the update and sorry for my action again my friends. :)
  • Good ICYMI
  • Good but not the required!
    We need more this time!
    *quoting spider man 2 movie :P
    Plz make 2015 the rise of Microsoft!
  • Hello everyone I really like to have Lumia denim on my 1520. As I know it's available in Finland. I wanted to know that can I have it if I flash the rom?
  • ves you can. I did exacly that yesterday and it worded beautifully.  Just go to this link and follow the steps : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2515453 The rom you need to download is the 059V281 RM-937 VAR EURO FI CV WHITE The camera is awesome, not only the speed but also the Rich capture. Hey cortana also rocks
  • Thank you so much
  • Yes we had a great week. Although NBA 2k15 and the new Halo would actually make my year complete as far as games... But this week was truly exciting!!!
  • Haha 2K15 is great, but idk how they can make those games any better really.
  • By giving us the game on windows phone... It would be nice to play NBA 2k15 on my windows phone. iPhone and Android have that game.. I would love to have that game...
  • Yeh it would!! I heard about the "Arcadia" thing with Xbox, that will be neat my friend. Being able to play Xbox games on the devices :D
  • Good stuff. I love build 9901.
  • Windows phone is going in the right direction but still a long way a head of us
  • Sorry I know its off topic ! But Snapchat is being run by a bunch of retards
    There are many apps on android where you can take screenshots without notifying the user.. They've fucking not blocked those applications and they blocked off a totally secure app which a single developer made.. How is that a step towards security?? I don't fucking understand!