There's always one headset I recommend when someone is looking for the cheapest, but actually good headset for their shiny new Xbox. That headset is the HyperX CloudX. Thanks to Cyber Monday, it has hit one of its lowest prices ever and easily makes the grade as one of the best Xbox headset deals for Cyber Monday we've found so far.

HyperX CloudX

$30 off: HyperX CloudX

This headset has been on sale, largely unchanged, for years. Why? Because it's that damn good. The HyperX CloudX, like its namesake, is an airy and light set of cans with big sound, big bass, and big quality. At $39, it absolutely wipes the floor with almost every other wired headset deal we've seen so far.

$39 (was $69) at Amazon

The HyperX CloudX has existed largely unchanged since its launch several years ago, at this point. Why? Because it was practically perfect from the outset. The HyperX CloudX is the definitive "entry-level" gaming headset for any console, although it typically uses Xbox-styled branding. It uses 3.5mm connectivity and can be used on any console or tablet with a 3.5mm interface.

HyperX CloudX headsetSource: Windows Central

The HyperX CloudX delivers in the construction department, with thick metal connectors and headband that see it survive even the most egregious accidents. It also makes up for its namesake, with cloud-like comfort among the lightest in its weight class, and certainly among the most balanced. The leatherette earcups feel like they belong on a far more expensive product, with matte black cups that scream quality and value. The mic cancels background fuzz to an impressive degree and can be removed entirely if you don't need it.

At $39, this is an absolute bargain. For anyone looking to upgrade their console gaming audio experience over a basic mono piece chat headset, the HyperX CloudX is a total steal right now.

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