Tablets are all over the place these days. No longer do we just rely on a desktop or laptop PC to get things done, rather we turn to our tablets for common tasks or just chilling out on the couch. The category of Tablet PCs is a broad one as many devices can fit under the tablet umbrella. Mainstream devices from the likes of Lenovo and Microsoft may be the best example of Tablet PCs, as are any devices that can be called convertibles, slates or hybrids.

  • Slates are smaller tablets which lack a keyboard and mouse, and are usually smaller than 12". These tablets are the most common and typically used for web browsing, email, media, and gaming.
  • Convertibles are devices that "transform" from a tablet to a laptop PC, thanks to a hinge that allows the user to flip the device between modes.
  • Hybrids are devices that can work with a keyboard or dock — like the Surface tablet — but can still stand alone and be used without a hardware keyboard.

Windows tablets are some of the best when it comes to productivity, as many use a full OS rather than a slimmed down, tablet version. Many newer tablet PCs will also be Windows 10 ready.