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This Western Digital Game Drive comes with 2 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

WD Black Game Drive
WD Black Game Drive (Image credit: Western Digital)

If you use an Xbox, then you know that you can never have enough storage for all those games. If you use Xbox Game Pass, then you know that this is even more true. Right now, thanks to Microsoft and this awesome Cyber Monday deal, you can snag a Western Digital WD_Black P10 Game Drive for Xbox one for as little as $55, and did we mention it comes with two months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate too?

The Western Digital P10 Game Drive for Xbox One features up to 5TB of HDD storage, meaning you'll never run out of space for any of your favorite games. This would be perfect for an Xbox One, or the new Xbox Series X, but remember you'll need to transfer games from your external drive to your console to play them, taking advantage of the Series X's Solid State Drive. Thankfully, this drive comes with transfer speeds of up to 140MB/s, which should make transferring even the most demanding games a breeze.

Don't have any games to move around? Worry not; this deal comes with two months of free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate so that you can play to your heart's content this holiday season. When your trial runs out, why not pick up a few more months with this Game Pass Ultimate Deal