ICYMI: July 26, 2014

A lot can happen in a week. New apps join the Windows Phone Store or Windows Store. Your favorite apps can get a big update with a new look or new features. Device rumors come and go. Seven days might not seem like much, but it can be an eternity in the tech news cycle. Every week we're going to compile the biggest stories into one post, so you never fall behind – In Case You Missed It.

Windows Phone

Lumia 530

  • Here is what's new with the AT&T Lumia 1520 and Lumia Cyan update [Coverage]
  • AT&T announces that the Lumia 1520 Windows Phone 8.1 update is now live [Coverage]
  • Entry-level Lumia 530 announced, runs Windows Phone 8.1 [Coverage]
  • Lumia 930 video shows it getting charged by lots of apples and potatoes [Coverage]
  • Windows Phone 8.1 Preview users still need to downgrade their OS in order to get Lumia Cyan [Coverage]
  • Newly announced Lumia 530 will be available on T-Mobile US 'later this year' [Coverage]
  • Microsoft updates Cortana's Interests with local events finder [Coverage]
  • Microsoft updates Cortana with recommendations for nearby places and local apps [Coverage]
  • Microsoft should make a Lumia 925 successor now before it is too late [Coverage]

Microsoft + Windows

Microsoft Logo Artsy

  • Microsoft generates $23.38 billion in revenue for FY14 Q4 [Coverage]
  • What is Windows OneCore and what does it mean for the future of Microsoft? [Coverage]
  • Microsoft focuses on design to unify separate platforms [Coverage]
  • Thirteen new Microsoft Stores coming to the United States and Canada [Coverage]
  • Microsoft's quantum computing efforts are explained in new video [Coverage]


  • Flying the Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Quadricopter with a Windows tablet (Hidden Gem) [Coverage / Download]
  • INSTEON home automation for Windows and Windows Phone (Hidden Gems) [Coverage / Download]
  • Microsoft's Live Lock Screen app now available for Windows Phone 8.1 [Coverage / Download]
  • Hands-on with the new Live Lock Screen app for Windows Phone 8.1 [Coverage / Download]
  • Uber officially returns to Windows Phone [Coverage / Download]
  • Tweetium beta now available for existing owners on Windows Phone 8.1 [Coverage / Download]
  • Track Runner gains SensorCore and heart rate monitor support in latest update [Coverage / Download]
  • OneDrive updated for Windows Phone with download location choice, progress page and more [Coverage / Download]
  • The WPCentral app for Windows Phone gets 1080p support, custom notification and more [Coverage / Download]
  • Xbox One SmartGlass Beta updated with ability to buy and download games [Coverage / Download]


Cloud Raiders

  • Best Rated Windows Phone Games [Coverage]
  • Cloud Raiders updated with new level cap and more [Coverage / Download]
  • Gameloft's Modern Combat 5 takes the shot on Windows and Windows Phone [Coverage / Download]
  • Get addicted to Free the Network, launches on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone [Coverage / Download]



  • Halo 2: Anniversary revamped cut scenes previewed in new trailer [Coverage]
  • Watch the first trailer for Halo: Nightfall [Coverage]
  • Titanfall to add in-game, but not real money, currency in upcoming update [Coverage]
  • GoPro gets its own extreme Xbox One channel [Coverage]
  • Xbox Entertainment Studios employee reveals a little about their interactive plans [Coverage]
  • Dance Central Spotlight makes the moves on the Xbox One September 2 [Coverage]



  • How to create and share story videos with Nokia Storyteller [Coverage]
  • First look at Poki 2.0 for Windows Phone 8.1 [Coverage]
  • How to fix the 'resuming' bug after uninstalling Live Lock Screen beta [Coverage]
  • The WPCentral website may look a little different today [Coverage]
  • Lumia 530 topic page

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