Dockable, comfortable, and cheaper than ever — Now's the best time to grab my favorite Xbox headset that I've reviewed

In my time at Windows Central, I've reviewed quite a few gaming headsets (and the number is still growing). Right now, though, there's on headset I regularly turn to when I want to do a spot of Xbox gaming — the RIG 900 MAX HX. This is an ultra-light, ultra-comfortable, ultra-premium wireless gaming headset with great audio quality and multiplatform connectivity, and right now it's on sale for its lowest price ever... just $199.99 at Best Buy! Oh yeah, did I mention this headset also comes with a charging docking station?

RIG 900 MAX HX |$249.99 now $199.99 at Best Buy

RIG 900 MAX HX | was $249.99 now $199.99 at Best Buy

Never worry about battery life or having to manually connect your headset again, as the premium RIG 900 MAX HX and its trusty base station (with charging) takes care of it all for you. Beyond that, this is just a good wireless gaming headset, and this new lowered price point makes it far more attractive.

✅Perfect for: Those who want a great-sounding, super comfortable wireless gaming headset with multiplatform support and a convenient docking station.

❌Avoid if: You really care about design and build quality in a premium headset, since that's the 900 MAX HX's biggest weakness.

💰Price check: This headset is exclusive to Best Buy, actually, so the lowest price there is the lowest price everywhere.

🔍Our experience: RIG 900 MAX HX wireless Xbox headset review: Supreme comfort, convenient charging, lackluster design

👀Alternative deal: Still want a great wireless Xbox and Windows PC gaming headset with a charging dock at a lower price, and are willing to give up multiplatform connectivity and some all-around quality? Consider the RIG 800 PRO HX for $149.99 $99.99 at Best Buy

Best Buy also has another solid deal on a wireless Xbox gaming headset that I haven't reviewed... yet. I actually have it in the box right behind me, and it's on my list  to review for Windows Central in the near future. It's a very affordable multiplatform wireless gaming headset that supports Xbox and Windows PC, but also rocks Bluetooth support for everything else. Right now, it's even cheaper than ever for a limited time, running just $79.99 at Best Buy.

RIG 600 PRO HX |$99.99 now $79.99 at Best Buy

RIG 600 PRO HX | was $99.99 now $79.99 at Best Buy

If you're on a budget and need a great wireless gaming headset that can do it all, the RIG 600 PRO HX for Xbox and Windows PC is an awesome choice. It rocks 2.4GHz wireless for the aforementioned platforms, but also boasts Bluetooth for everything else. It's light, comfortable, and stupendously cheap right now.

✅Perfect for: Those who want a balanced, affordable wireless gaming headset with multiplatform support and plenty of features.

❌Avoid if: You care a lot about audio quality and build quality, because you'll be sacrificing a bit of both at this price point.

💰Price check: $99.99 at Amazon

🔍Our experience: I unfortunately don't have much experience with this headset yet, but I loved the RIG 900 MAX HX and will be reviewing the 600 PRO HX in the near future.

This deal also has a benefit of being offered through Best Buy. As a trusted, reputable retailer, you're getting easier returns and better customer support when buying through Best Buy. Depending on your area, you may be able to get your new headset in as little as two hours thanks to in-store pickup, too. A My Best Buy membership can net other benefits like faster (free) shipping, longer 60-day return windows, exclusive deals, and more! For more information, you can check out our in-depth guide on My Best Buy memberships.

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Why I still use the RIG 900 MAX HX after reviewing it

The RIG 900 MAX sitting pretty in its dock and proudly flaunting its mic. (Image credit: Windows Central | Zachary Boddy)

At the end of my RIG 900 MAX HX review, I concluded that RIG had crafted a "high-end wireless headset with fantastic, balanced sound and great features." There's one feature in particular that kept the 900 MAX HX as my go-to Xbox gaming headset, though, and that's the docking station. It may sound like a small thing, but that base station is incredibly convenient and makes the RIG 900 MAX HX one of the best Xbox headsets for me.

Sure, the RIG 900 MAX is incredible light and very comfortable to wear for hours at a time. It's also true that it sounds lovely, with detailed audio bolstered by fantastic Dolby Atmos surround sound support. Yes, it's a great headset to use with all platforms, thanks to the inclusion of 2.4GHz wireless for Xbox and Windows PC and Bluetooth for everything else. It even works great with your phone, with a well-featured mobile app that is surprisingly useful. All of that is true, but the charging dock is what helps the 900 MAX HX stand out in a vast, unending crowd of great gaming headsets.

You simply plug the base station into your Xbox Series X|S console (it also works with Xbox One, too), and the dock handles charging, connecting, and displaying your 900 MAX HX. I never have to worry about the battery life on my headset (although it is impressive on its own), because it's always fully charged when I easily lift it off the dock. I never have to worry about connecting my headset to my Xbox, because it automatically turns on and connects through the dock, which acts as a wireless transceiver. There's no hesitation when I'm done gaming regarding where to set my headset, either, because the dock station proudly displays upright via simple magnets.

  • Recommendation: The charging cable included with the RIG 900 MAX HX is really short! If you want to display your headset a little farther away from your Xbox, invest in this 6ft USB Type-C to USB Type-A cable for $16.99 at Best Buy that'll handle all your charging and wireless connectivity needs, but at a distance.

RIG's iconic design language won't be to everyone's taste, but this headset is for sure comfortable to wear. (Image credit: Windows Central | Zachary Boddy)

The RIG 900 MAX HX isn't perfect, though. While it can connect via 2.4GHz wireless and Bluetooth simultaneously, it can only use one at a time; you can connect to your Xbox and your phone at the same time, but you can only hear audio from one or the other. The wireless connectivity wasn't as stable as some other competitors like Razer, too. Finally, the design and build quality are simply lackluster at this price point, which is the biggest drawback for me, personally. At the full retail price of $249.99, those cons may be enough to deter some buyers.

Now the RIG 900 MAX HX is available for the lowest price I've ever seen, though, making it much easier to forgive the headset's weaknesses. For just $199.99 at Best Buy, I can't recommend this wireless gaming headset for Xbox and Windows PC enough. It sounds fantastic when playing any of the best Xbox games, and it has served me very well during and after my review.

If you'd like to save even more money, I also linked the RIG 800 PRO HX above, which also features the docking station alongside Xbox and Windows PC support, but drops multiplatform connectivity via Bluetooth and loses out on sheer quality in a number of areas. For the even more price conscious, the RIG 600 PRO HX linked above is even more affordable, giving you an incredibly well-rounded and well-featured multiplatform wireless gaming headset for well under $100 — but you do lose the docking station. Whichever headset you choose, though, RIG will treat you right.

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