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Despite the push towards cloud integration in everything we do, there is still a need for paper in a lot of circumstances. Scanning, printing and, even faxing, is still a part of many day-to-day business dealings and so all-in-one printers are a hot commodity. The OfficeJet from HP has been a staple in home offices for years, and the newest one doesn't disappoint. If you are looking for something bigger or faster, though, we have that on our list as well.

Best Overall: HP OfficeJet Pro 8025

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HP has been making quality printers for as long as I can remember, and the Officejet series has always been one of its most reliable offerings. The latest generation of OfficeJet has taken what made its predecessor so good and moved the series into our modern world. It's a world filled with the desire to make things "smart," even our printers, so naturally, HP had to do something new with the OfficeJet.

The OfficeJet now has a wireless connection, of course — though some people have said that the connection can be a little spotty — and HP uses in concert with its Smart app and Smart Tasks features. These allow you to streamline your activities, and makes scanning documents, invoices, and even receipts, a breeze. You can also connect to your cloud apps like Google Drive to help your store your documents.

Of course, you may want to print things on your printer. Well, the OfficeJet can do that too. While not as fast as a laser printer, the OfficeJet can print up to 20 pages per minute — or ten pages if you are printing in color — which is a pretty decent speed for a home office. It can also print stunning photos if you use the right paper, which is especially helpful for brochures or hand-outs for meetings.

The last little bonus — and likely the most futuristic — is the Amazon Dash connection the OfficeJet has with its ink. If the OfficeJet senses your ink getting low, and you have activated the feature, it can send an order directly to amazon to send you replacement ink. This only works with the official inks and not a third party, but if you are likely to use a lot of ink, then Amazon Dash could save you a lot of time, and time is money.


  • Can tell Amazon when your ink runs low
  • Compact size
  • Great price point
  • Smart app functionality


  • Some connectivity issues

Best Overall

HP OfficeJet Pro 8025

There when you need it

The OfficeJet is the solution for your home office or small business. It's full of smarts so that you can use it with the cloud.

Best Value: Canon Pixma TS9120

TS9120 Pixma Source: Canon

You may not need an all-in-one all the time but want to keep one handy in case you do. Picking up something cheap, compact, and reliable is going to be your primary aim, and the Canon Pixma delivers on all three fronts. The compact design means it can be put on a shelf until you need it, but it can still all the things a much more expensive printer can.

The printing quality on the Canon shines, especially when you are trying to print photos in excellent quality. The ink system used in the Canon is specifically designed to print excellent pictures, though you should know that the ink can be a little pricey to replace if you are printing a lot of photos. As a fun bonus, the Canon can also print directly onto CDs and DVDs with a tray that comes with the printer. I know that we don't use as many of those anymore, but sometimes it's nice to make a CD of photos for people to watch at home.


  • Great value
  • Excellent photography printing
  • Compact design
  • CD/DVD printing tray


  • The inks can get pricey

Best Value

Canon Wireless Pixma TS9120

Fabulous photography printing

When you are looking for a budget printer, with excellent photo printing skills, look no further than the Canon Pixma

Best Laser all-in-one (monochrome): Brother HL-L3290CDW

Monochrome laser printer in officeSource: Brother

There are plenty of jobs in the world where you don't need to waste time with color printing. After all, if all you do is print words, then the small black cartridges you get from desk jet printers just aren't going to cut it. That worry is gone with the Brother Monochrome laser. The standard toner cartridge can print 1,200 pages, and if you opt for the high yield cartridge, it can print up to a whopping 3,000 pages. Be warned though; you have to buy Brother branded toner, third party toners won't work.

Along with connectivity to just about every service you can think of as well as Amazon Dash to replace your toner when you need it. The Brother, being a laser printer, is extremely fast, printing up to 32 pages per minute, far quicker than your average inkjet printer.


  • High yield toner available
  • Speedy printing
  • Connect to everything


  • Proprietary toner cartridges

Best Laser all-in-one (monochrome)

Brother HL-L3290CDW

Speedy printing is single color

The Brother Monochrome is perfect for printing lots of words, very fast, from anywhere. It's a great price too.

Best Laser all-in-one (color): HP LaserJet Pro

HP laserjet color printerSource: HP

The HP LaserJet Pro is the perfect blend of speedy printing and excellent color quality. If you are working on a presentation or making flyers for your local community, the LaserJet Pro will give you an excellent print every time. The HP Smart app allows you to connect to your LaserJet from anywhere, and the multi-connection system allows you and nine other users to connect and print at the same time.

The great thing with a color laser printer is the speed at which color prints can be achieved. The LaserJet pro will print at 22 pages per minute, regardless of the amount of color used, giving you the benefit of time. There have been concerns about the plastic feel of the printer, but when it comes to print quality, you can't go wrong.


  • HP Smart app
  • Prints quickly in color or monochrome
  • Up to 10 wireless users


  • Very plastic feeling

Best Laser all-in-one (color)

HP LaserJet Pro

Color printing at speed

The HP LaserJet Pro will print just about anything you want, and if you use the Smart app, you can print from anywhere too.

Best for your desk: Brother MFC-J995DW

Man holding phone at printerSource: Brother

Like all Brother printers, the only downside to the j995dw is the lack of third party inks. This shouldn't be too much of a problem as the high capacity cartridges should — according to Brother — last you an entire year worth of printing. This helps save you money from the initial payment and helps give you peace of mind.

The NFC connection is helpful with a printer at your desk. You can tap your phone to your printer and have it automagically connect with all the correct settings. This ease of use and the compact nature of the printer makes it a perfect choice for sitting next to you on your desk.


  • One year ink supply in the box
  • NFC one-touch connection
  • Good size for your desk


  • You can only use Brother inks

Best for your desk

Brother MFC-J995DW

NFC connections are cool

Being able to connect with a tap of your phone makes the Brother MFC-J995DW a perfect choice for a printer you keep close at hand.

Best for ink capacity: Epson Expression ET-3700

Epson printer on deskSource: Epson

The Epson Expression isn't the prettiest printer, and it certainly isn't the fastest; in fact, it's pretty slow. But what it lacks in speed, it makes up in the sheer volume of prints it can produce. With a massive 11,000 capacity in the ink tanks — and enough ink to last a year when you buy — the Expression is perfect for when you have to print a large volume at a time.

The extra ink also comes in bottles, making it easy to store and top up, and while Epson does suggest you use its ink, the tank system could allow you to use cheaper third party inks. We're not saying you should, but it is an option.


  • A huge amount of ink from the start
  • Ink bottles instead of cartridges
  • Great savings


  • Much slower than the others in this list

Best for ink capacity

Epson Expression ET-3700

A lot of juice in the tank

The Epson has just what you need in a printer; ink, and lots of it. It will keep printing long after others are run dry.

Bottom line

While every printer on this list offers something unique, if we had to recommend just one printer, it would be the OfficJet Pro from HP. Not only is it fast for an InkJet, but it is also looking to the future with a Smart app and a million ways to connect to the world around you. The OfficeJet Pro is a fantastic printer for any home office or small business.

If you're looking for something on the lower end of the budget that can still produce quality photographs, then the Canon Pixma is probably the right choice or if you need "all the ink," then grab the Epson Expression, it's ink capacity is insane.

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