Best Photo Printers of 2022

Best all-in-one printer fax combos
Best all-in-one printer fax combos

Why the Canon Selphy CP1300 is our top photo printer pick

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It's compact, fun to use, and doesn't rely on inkjet printing. This is why the CP1300 is our No. 1 choice for the best photo printer of 2017. Picking up the optional battery pack will ensure the unit will be able to print out memories, taking full advantage of its portable size and wireless connectivity. There are also some fun little features that really add to the overall experience.

It has the ability to print on postcard-size paper, not to mention label sizes, square and even eight small stickers at a time. That opens up a number of possibilities when you snap a stunning photo or a keepsake memory. There's even a 3.2-inch touchscreen for managing everything easily.

For a mobile world, Canon has worked on the official app solution that makes it effortless to print something from a smartphone running Android or iOS. If smartphone photography isn't quite your thing, card slots and USB ports let you hook up a camera. Overall, it's a great little unit that won't destroy your bank balance.


All-in-one printers and scanners are common, but there are some real gems out there depending on your requirements. Should you wish to take advantage of more accurate dye transfer, we'd direct you to the Canon Selphy CP1300, which will produce top quality photo prints.

Updated October 9, 2017: We've updated our best photo printer guide with the newest and best options. The Canon Selphy CP1300 replaces the older CP1200.

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  • All in Selphy series are the best. I own CP900 and after all the inkjet colour bleeding and laserjet pricing nightmare I can tell it's the ultimate.
  • I can't buy something called the "Selfie"
  • So don't.
    Buy a Selphy instead
  • Lol phonetic spelling
  • I like the instant ink idea from Hp. Makes it really cheap to run off prints
  • not if you tried Brother printer, then you know how cheap ink can really be. I literally only spend $5 for an whole year of printing on my Brother printer.
  • I regularly see these types of articles on mobile nations sites and have to wonder how much effort is put into them. They are always titled "best" ... , but they always feel more randomly selected than anything. While the HP is a nice printer, I own it, I would never even consider it for photo use. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Clickbait Central
  • I am never buying another officejet pro printer from hp. It made me want to cut my nuts off.
  • Wow a huge omission, Brother! I will never buy an HP or Canon printer. You seriously are missing out if you don't check out Brother's products.
  • Problem is once you go mfp it gets expensive when it comes to their color MFPs unlike their grayscale line which is cheap
  • Brother cartridges are still better and cheaper.
    first, their cartridges are not "chipped", and separated from the print head. So since not chipped, the printers determined the ink level either optically or by pressure fromthe cartridges, so you can use out more ink than those "chipped" "smart" ones.
    And since those are separated from printing head and printing parts, it is much cheaper and less waste. and also due to this, the printing heads are less possible dried out than some other ones.
    Also I found HP and Canon waste more ink when printing multi-color , and they are more over saturated profil compared to Brother or Epson, and I actually like how Brother photo printing color are more natural looking.
    So either if you go with Original cartridges or Third parties, Brother ink/cartridge cost much less compare to other ones.
  • Seem to have forgotten some important ones.... Noritsu 38xx and fuji7xx series
  • I have the Canon Pro-100.  Amazing large-format printer.  Everyone I know has been mightily impressed by the quality of the prints.  It can handle up to 13"x19".  Borderless printing.  Wireless printer as well.  Also, you can go months between prints and not worry about clogging.  With cheap printers, if you go too long between prints, it ruins the printer.  Not with this one.
  • We have an Epson XP-400 and it is the worst printer I have ever owned. The black inkjets clogged almost immediately and haven't worked reliably since. Fine scanner but worthless as a printer.
  • One more notes, several of those Printers here also support Windows 10 native printing profil without drivers, so you can use them on windows 10 mobile device or Hololens without special apps.