What you need to know

  • Microsoft and Gucci partnered together to create a luxury Xbox Series X.
  • The stylized console celebrates the 100th anniversary of Gucci and costs $10,000.
  • All 100 of the Gucci Xbox Series X consoles have already been sold.

The Xbox Series X is difficult to find in stock this holiday season. It's so scarce, in fact, that Microsoft recently introduced a program for valued customers to get a better chance to purchase a console. It turns out that even if you're willing to spend $10,000 on a Gucci Xbox Series X that you won't be able to order one this Black Friday. Gucci's website shows that the "Xbox by Gucci" is sold out.

It's not that surprising that the Gucci Xbox Series X is out of stock. The luxury company only made 100 of the high-end consoles to celebrate the 100th year of Gucci and the 20th anniversary of Xbox. The console is emblazoned with a pattern that Gucci enthusiasts will recognize. It also comes with two customized Xbox Wireless Controllers with red and blue stripes and the Gucci logo. The entire package comes in a stylish suitcase.

"A calling card of the House, GG enters the world of Esports with 'XBOX' and 'GOOD GAME' prints," reads Gucci's description of the console. "The design defines a hard carry case with blue and red stripes—recalling vintage luggage in a subtle reference to the House's origins."

While the $10,000 price tag is slightly more than what scalpers are selling Xbox Series X consoles for, the Gucci Xbox Series X comes with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

If you can't find an Xbox Series X in stock through one of the best Xbox Series X Black Friday deals, you may want to check out GameStop's bundle on the Xbox Series S.